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In reply to: A Guide to Little Vehicles, the Future of Urban Mobility - CityLab

Getting to mass adoption will require Little Vehicles for all seasons, for all sorts of trips, and for all types of people. Solutions to these obstacles exist, and many more will surely be dreamed up. The bigger challenge will be de-conditioning ourselves out of the belief that cars—whether privately owned or for hire—are the default mode of transportation in dense cities.

Keeping it org mode

Starting a new job seemed like a good reason to re-evaluate my task management set up, partially because my old workflow was built around some internal tools from my old job, and partially because it is heaps fun to re-work productivity workflow stuff.


The new system

The new system is heaps boring, but I'm wicked pleased with it. I toyed with a number of apps, including Things, Reminders, Microsoft's Todo (made by the Wunderlist folks), Todoist, Kanboard, and Omnifocus but ultimately settled on keeping it simple.

I have an .org file for personal tasks (stuff like "Schedule a vet appointment"), and an .org file for worky things — right now each project I'm involved with has its own top-level heading, but I may break projects into their own .org files if one big file becomes unwieldy.

The secret sauce to my mostly org mode life is beorg, an iOS app that lets me org on the go...AND supports push notifications. I generally keep push notifications turned off for just about everything, but sometimes I need a gentle reminder to get stuff done — beorg works perfectly for this.

I’m pretty pleased with the Apple Watch a little over one week in⌚️ 🏃

In reply to: How the Disposable Straw Explains Modern Capitalism - The Atlantic

You can learn a lot about this country, and the dilemmas of contemporary capitalism, by taking a straw-eyed view.

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In reply to: How to spot a perfect fake: the world's top art forgery detective | News | The Guardian

Once upon a time I was considering getting a PhD in art history (I mean, once you have a masters in it, why not?) and was really interested in studying forgery and its place in the art world...which evidently has been done to death but isn't heaps popular to talk about.

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In reply to: Koko The Gorilla Dies; Redrew The Lines Of Animal-Human Communication : NPR


😑 the dark side of potty training: when the kid realizes you, as a parent, are incapable of saying "no" to their requests to use the potty...even when it is well past bedtime. I've been played like a fiddle 🎻

I don’t typically post photos of food because I think they always look a bit gross, but for dinner this evening I made an 80% whole wheat pizza with a mushroom, pepper, sweet potato sauce (more of a ragu, really) topped with cheese and nutritional yeast. It was hideous delicious.

In reply to: Eddie Huang’s ‘Single Asiatic Male Seeks Ride or Die Chick’ uses the Chinese-American perspective to explore something universal about love. | The Outline

Vulnerability, at the end of the day, doesn’t belong to any particular identity of person.

In reply to: Librarians Will Guard Your Privacy With Their Lives | Literary Hub

Many of the rules include making our language clear so that any person encountering our privacy policies knows exactly what they’re reading. We’re not in the business of obscuring information (unless it’s your private data—we’re keeping that under wraps), but illuminating it. We’re gatekeepers.

Do you have Netflix? If so, I highly recommend dropping whatever it is you are doing and watching Hannah Gadsby's Nanette.

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Great first day! Today at work I did a wee bit of QA, some customer support, some web development, some Android development and some iOS development! 🏃‍♂️

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In reply to: America’s inhumane child separation policy & our border concentration camps

No use sugar-coating it: the federal government of the United States of America now has a policy of taking children away from their families when they attempt to enter the US to request political asylum from violence & hardship in their native countries. These children and their parents are placed into concentration camps.

First day at a new (old) job! Here we go!

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A portrait of picnic heartbreak 🧀 💔

Portland Pride kicking off with a rainbow (is it a Sun Dog?)!

In reply to: Flashing Palely in the Margins

Where do you, dear reader, find the things that keep you engaged, the articles and explorations that make you want to learn more, to write more?

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In reply to: Why Domino’s Pizza Is Fixing Potholes Now - CityLab

An unexpected (bread)twist on the future of Capitalism as a stand-in for Democracy.

When an Apple store employee tells you it is "good hygiene” to regularly force quit all running apps on your phone because they use up a lot of memory when in the background 😱


The perils of running a hackintosh: my machine seems to have choked mid-update. Now I can't boot the machine into safe or recovery modes. Trying a fresh install now, but that too seems to have gotten hung up 🤔

In reply to: Marcel Breuer and the Invention of Heavy Lightness

How could an architect who had made the pursuit of lightness the essence of his design aspirations become one of the great form-givers of the aesthetics of weightiness?

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