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Lately, I labor weekly to create a list of links liked or loved

Confession — these links are often laundered from my RSS follows

March, in like a lion and out like a lamb…and a terrifying Cat-Dog style chimera in the middle.

Child wearing a llama costume looking at a case of cakes in a bakery.

Llama llama cake 🐑 🍰

Me, 4 weeks ago: pgAdmin3 is the one and only pgAdmin! pgAdmin 4 is an abomination unto the world

Also me, today: pgAdmin 4 is my everything 😍

Discovery from this weekend: Apple Pay doesn’t work on my phone when it is connected to my Bluetooth headphones. 🤔

Link logging

Me, On The Screen: Race in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I am a big fan of Austin Walker — I love his writing, and the way he GMs games on Friends at the Table. In this piece from 2013 he explores and contextualizes the importance of inclusive representation in games and play through the lens of Animal Crossing. Seeing this is even cooler being familiar with the hundreds of hours of actual-play he has coordinated and helped to produce since it almost all highlights the importance and power of representation.

Other people’s weeknotes

A list of people’s weeknotes. Weeknotes may be peak-blog. I adore them.

10 Nonhumans That Are Legally Humans

A list of things that are legally recognized as humans but that aren’t actual humans.

The ultimate guide to DuckDuckGo

A list of all the things DuckDuckGo can do for you.

Application Holotypes: A Guide to Architecture Decisions

A list of holotypes which help to form the basis of a taxonomy for web applications.

These next two items go hand-in-hand and absolutely fascinate me. Things like this make me want to go for a PhD just because I’d love the time to write thousands of words about what it takes to bring the physical to the digital…and exploring what it then takes to physically maintain the digital” replication of the physical object.

Hand Job Zine and Mass Digitization Files

A collection of zines exploring the labor of digitization (and who does that labor).

Dancing the flip-flop

flip-flop (n.) the process of pushing a work of art or craft from the physical world to the digital world and back, often more than once.

That’s pretty abstract. Here’s an example recipe:

  1. Carve a statue out of stone. PHYSICAL
  2. Digitize your statue with a 3D scanner. DIGITAL
  3. Make some edits. Shrink it down. Add wings. STILL DIGITAL
  4. Print the edited sculpture in plastic with a 3D printer. PHYSICAL AGAIN

What is weekend?

I had an academic understanding of what weekends would become after becoming a parent, but lately that understanding has been coming into full view.

  • Long weekend! — there was a school staff day” on Friday, so no school, but still work. We kicked the festivities off by having breakfast with some friends visiting from out of town
  • In the afternoon made a visit to the indoor playground. It is a really good place, and quickly becoming my go-to co-working space on days when I have to work but when there is no school
  • Rounded Friday off by having some friends over for dinner — I’m pleased with how the meal turned out since it had to accommodate our being vegetarian, 1 guest being gluten free, and another being dairy avoidant
  • Saturday morning was spent at a birthday party for two sisters. At this party there were very good bagels and even better black and white cookies — it was like a weird trip back to my childhood
  • After birthday partying we went straight to a nearby farm that was having a lamb day.” E.g. showing off all the baby lambs. There was much adorable bleating
  • Afternoon consisted of heaps of play, followed by dinner and an eventual trip to the gym…where I may have cried a little whilst running and listening to a rather emotional podcast
  • Instead of doing the wise thing and going to bed after the gym I stayed up and watched many an hour of Queer Eye with Tova
  • Leading us to Sunday morning, today. Bright and early! Today has been a blur of errands and bouncing from playground to playground, forest park to forest park
  • The house is in shambles, I have a list of chores left to do, but, all in all, I think this was a solid weekend

A smiling ewe.

Bah hahaha! 🐑

Child in a winter coat walking towards a fallen log in the woods.

Springtime adventuring.

Child climbing into an ornate window seat.

Gotta get to the view.

It seems that that CSS Working Group approved CSS Nesting!

👋 SASS and friends.

In reply to: Float Documentary

This documentary film about the ultra-competitive sport of elite, stunningly-designed indoor model airplanes” looks gorgeous. I hope to see it one day.

The trailer reminds me of one of my favorite documentary films, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo.

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This is the web’s apotheosis.

The Hulk’s real power is pants preservation. Those things stay intact, no matter what.

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