Bald man sitting with black and white dog on a mountain

I'm an unskilled time traveler, eater of oats, reader of sci-fi who lives and works on Mount Desert Island, in Maine.

I daydream about building productivity and communication tools that help to reduce anomie... also of re-factoring legacy CSS and writing lots and lots of documentation. Maybe I'm the Chewbacca to your Han Solo?



This site is mostly written in HTML5, and CSS3. It strives to abide by a11y best practices, and also adhere to IndieWeb standards. Headings are set in Futura while everything else displays in system standard sans-serif. The whole kit-and-kaboodle is served via Webfaction. "Words in a jornal" are the five most recent posts at my neglected blarg, while the "Feed" displays the seven most recent things I've read or otherwise shared. This aggregated stream both reads from and syndicates to various social networks. It is mixed by Tiny Tiny RSS, and a handful of arcane PHP spells. The icons in the "About" section are from Webalys’ ego-icons. Finally, here is a link to another Eli's website who also has a .li domain name, We're starting a very tiny webring of Elis with .li domains.