A digital pillow fort

First snow day of the year!

I don't care if you think I'm a monster. I love leaving menu-bar-mode enabled in emacs.

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...trying not to think too hard about this one.

Cold weather climbing practice. Eat your heart out Bear Grylls.

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I just solved an actual problem at work with pandoc. I feel amazing.

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Salamanders, pill-bugs and worms

Bedtime books

Post-bagel ambulation 🥯

Gonna snow soon.

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Potty training, wherein a child learns the subtle art of extortion.

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📣 Ya'll, I'm going to re-write my CMS from the ground up by the end of the year.

...there, I've committed the project to the public sphere. Now social stigma and anxiety compel me to complete this project.

When redesigning an app, if I reduce the number of taps that it takes to surface a popular feature from 5 to 2 but replace those 3 taps with 3 - 5 screen-inches of scrolling is that really a win?

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Here is a slightly more grown up version of that emacs init.el, now hosted on github...I should probably use github more, but my own git server is so cozy and prone to failure!

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I think the days of the Hackintosh may be numbered...

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Inspired by @bsag and the work of @hjertnes I put together a quick and dirty emacs init.el to use on tilde.town. It is pretty bare bones at the moment, but does most if not all of what I need it to do. It feels like spacemacs but in only about 170 lines-o-code!

I resurrected an elderly raspberry pi and have configured it to run pi-hole. So far, I am wicked wicked impressed, and very pleased with the results. Before I got it up and running I hadn't realized that it can block in-app ads, as well as YouTube ads!? BANANAS

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Little known fact: tilde.town is a great remote LISP environment.

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