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Oogling some tractors

We had a lot of fun visiting Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport today. Excited to go for a hayride in the fall!

ISO iOS or Switch games with really compelling/interesting storylines

When a toddler busts into your bedroom in the wee hours of the morning, weeping, saying that they're "scared of the mac and cheese," and that they need to eat some mac and cheese is there anything to do other than making mac and cheese for breakfast?

...also, what kind of terrifying mac and cheese dreams is this kid having!?

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In reply to: On Semicolons and the Rules of Writing - The Millions

I am flabbergasted; there isn't a single mention of Virginia Woolf in this entire article about semicolon usage!?

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In reply to: In the Age of Despair, Find Comfort on the ‘Slow Web’ | WIRED

Platforms like YouTube often embody the "fast web": deep, black voids of mindless entertainment. But they can also give us access to a world much wider than our own. Hidden within the systems designed to capture your eyeballs and seize your attention, there is also a capacity to watch slowly and mindfully.

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A little over a week into the Whole30

I'm not typically one for fad diets, but when I'm asked to jump I know it's best to respond "how high?"

So far the Whole30 has been kind of fun. I like doing things that force me to notice things I otherwise wouldn't. So far the biggest revelation is that I eat A LOT of beans. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, and beans are a staple in my food ecosystem. As a vegetarian, the Whole30 is kinda scarce on the protein front. I typically eat dairy and eggs, too, so I've kept eating eggs while doing, on, in the midst of? the Whole30.

I've been researching alternative sources of veggie proteins, though.

Another fun side of the Whole30 is that I've been experimenting with other preparations of food. Zoodles, grilled eggplant, etc.

The dark side of the Whole30 was mos def the first three days. Those were dark times. Coming down from grains is always a "fun" trip for me. Normally, I eat a lot of grains and nuts. Now, I eat even more nuts.

All in all I'm excited to keep at it, but don't think that the Whole30 is a logical diet for longer than one month.

Have you done the Whole30 or something similar? Got any good recipes?

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Whatever their place in the taxonomies of buildings, fountains are distinguished from other urban monuments by one essential element: water. 10 From the perspective of architecture history, this factor complicates both the design and experience of these structures; for it requires that the traditional cognitive scheme involving the object and the viewer be replaced by a more complex phenomenological triad consisting of architecture, water, and the body.

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In reply to: The only good online fandom left is Dune | The Outline

...and lo, a new dawn of science fiction and fantasy dawned.


... but for real, I think some of the best contemporary fantasy story telling is happening in podcasts right now.

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In reply to: Micro Monday - Episode 17: @eli

I was on a podcast! It was fun. A thing I learned:

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I used our spiralizer for the first time this evening. It was a lot of fun to use — heaps easier than using a mandolin...and the zoodles were delicious!

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In reply to: When the Teen City Council Is Better Than the Adult One - CityLab

The Takoma Park Youth Council is model local government turned pro. In fact, the group might just improve matters locally.

Adventure time! Because they’re open 24 hours a day and they have AC.

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