A digital pillow fort

At what point does my attic-office become a co-working space?

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Confession: I am terrified of ticks, but I like The Tick.

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TL;DR -- federation can be bad because it carries with it the political culture of its launch, making it difficult to cultivate over time. Federation without federation, though, e.g. setting up a bunch of focused micro-communities is good (see the rise of Slack and other such P2P "private" or closed networks).

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Citizen Kane might be Welles’ masterpiece, but thanks to Animaniacs we’ll always have that remote farm in Lincolnshire, where peas grow every July.

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Some more photos taken on our adventures up in the county, including what I believe to be a fly agaric mushroom, like the ones Viking berserkers would munch before going “berserk.”

Our last day in the county was gorgeous. I can’t wait to get back up north.

Exploring the wilds of rural Maine.

Oh hai 👋

We broke the fast in style yesterday evening.

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Chasing corporate headquarters and throwing money at them, reflects a great-man theory of economic development that reflects deep civic insecurity: only a corporation can save a city from its struggles. But corporations aren’t the civic heavyweights they used to be.

The future,

This period of change, when workers are being decoupled from their traditional employers, is a huge opportunity for cities. They should look to fill the vacuum created by receding corporations.

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Nervous nerd

Someone really loves interpretive panels.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately (instead of podcasts) and thinking about the structure of wikis. The two have been informing each other.

I've been starting with a contemporary song, usually by a more well known artist like Kanye West, and then listening to everything one of their song's samples...and onward. Song as wiki.

It has been interesting, and a great way to find new (to me) music and artists.

On a similar musical note @hisaac re-introduced me to Bruce Springsteen. An artist that I've of course known about, and heard, but never paid much thought. This week I discovered that the album Nebraska is heart breaking and good…I am probably late to this insight, but it was bracing.

I've also been listening to a lot of Mos Def, instrumental Pete Rock and Noname (who's new album is 🔥).

We’re sticking close to home this weekend. Today we walked through a nearby wood and explored a cemetery.

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