A digital pillow fort

Walking with Avi through my parents’ neighborhood in Denver. Smells like cooking turkey, and is about 73 degrees out.

🙌  Like: GitHub - phanan/htaccess: A collection of useful .htaccess snippets.

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I've loved being part of micro.blog since launch, and am excited to see folks start adopting it more and more. At this point, it and Instagram are the only social networks I use.

I've been thinking a lot about my website, and what changes/enhancements I want to make to it down the road. 4 - 5 years ago I was a big fan of tumblr, and have been using my website in a similar manner: posting some short form content, some long form content, heaps of links, and images. Micro.blog seems to be wicked well situated for that sort of content.

P.S. If you want an invite to micro.blog, I've got a few!

🏡 Portland ✈️ Charlotte ✈️ Denver 🦃

Flying in style...with an etch-a-sketch

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Built a fort. Ate some pizza. Watched the Magic School Bus. 💫 🚌 🍕

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It’s our five year anniversary today! 🎉

So sad that this queen doesn’t live a more comfortable life...

How on earth what this a software fix!?

A good buddy of mine suggested that "maybe there's a threshold pressure required for the touchscreen, that changes with temperature, and they added a process that adjusts it based on the internal thermometer reading"

Seems viable, but I'd love to know for sure.

We eat tofu about once a week. Avi loves it and calls it “toe-food.”

Big week! Pushing to complete a few huge projects at work, Avi got a cold, then I got a cold, and a few days ago someone called my grandmother pretending to be me in a pinch, asking for money! Luckily someone was with her at the time and they realized it was a scam. 😱

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I made a simple dice roller this evening. It includes some bad documentation, with better documentation on the way.

In the future I'd like to build an ecosystem of teeny tiny microservices that can be used while playing a variety of table top games. Down the line I'll add a feature to this dice roller so that you can roll x number of dice and just return the highest or lowest result. Stay tuned!

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iPhone killed my Holga.

🙌  Like: Samson Ootoovak on Twitter: "Tech Industry: “We desperately need more developers!” Newish Dev: “I’m here.” Tech Industry: “Only experienced devs please! We expect more… https://t.co/fa3Dwa65ph"

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