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Waffle salad for dinner! A pretty great innovation. Also, cashew cream is mad delicious.

I wonder if Panic can make Transmit/Coda for iOS document providers so folks can have ftp access via files.app?

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In reply to: Web truths: CSS is not real programming | Christian Heilmann

CSS development isn’t programming in the traditional sense where you have loops, conditions and variables. CSS is going that direction to a degree and Sass paved the way. But the most needed skill in CSS is not syntax. It is to understand what interfaces you describe with it. And how to ensure that they are flexible enough that users can’t do things wrong and get locked out. You can avoid a lot of code when you understand HTML and use CSS to style it.


A lot of “CSS is not real programming” arguments are a basic misunderstanding what CSS is there to achieve. If you want full control over and interface and strive for pixel perfection – don’t use it. If you want to build an interface for an inclusive and diverse web, CSS is a great tool. Writing CSS is describing interfaces and needs empathy with the users. It is not about turning a Photoshop file into a web interface. It requires a different skillset and attitude of the maintainer and initial programmer than a backend language would.

So much 🙌 for this.

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Been wicked foggy all weekend, but also unseasonably warm. Had a blast biking around, exploring playgrounds and playing under tables. Now, back to work before Rosh Hashanah!

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In reply to: Donald Barthelme - Wikipedia

I'm happy to have rediscovered a book of short stories by Donald Barthelme. They're quick, electric feeling, and eminently readable.

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An after breakfast snooze.

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Dear Amazon,

Me again. Hope you are well. You could also bring Alexa to the car, maybe even as an aftermarket add-on.


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