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An evening in Portland, ME

Neovim, I'm officially in love. 😍

You know you've been writing too much SQL when you can't help but to write operator words in all caps...even when writing an email. IS NULL

Stupid-simple bash script to create a local copy of a website


printf "\n\n    Please enter the URL of the website you wish to download.\n    Do not include leading 'http://' or 'https://'?\n\n\n"
printf "    "
read URL
printf "\n\n    Depending on the size of the website you just\n    entered, this may take a few minutes.\n\n\n"
sleep 6
wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --restrict-file-names=windows --domains ${URL} --no-parent http://${URL}
printf "\n\n  DONE!\n\n\n"

All the heavy lifting is done by wget, so that will need to be installed before using the script

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The International Space Station preformed a pretty epic photo bomb today.

Today was a really excellent day. Avi and I adventured with an old friend whom I haven't seen in faaaaar toooooo looooooong. A burrito was also eaten, and many wood chips were moved from one location to another. There was an eclipse.

First night in the new bed!

We share this wall with our neighbors. Avi sometimes sits and stares at it when he can hear the neighbors in their kitchen.

That, or he's putting himself in timeout. A behavior we have no clue where he picked it up, becuase we've never put him in timeout before.

It's been awesome biking to work on my new bike! I decided that riding a fixed gear with a kids seat (not pictured) was probably not the greatest idea, so I said good bye to my beloved and ancient fixed gear steed and upgraded to something with gears! 8 of them at that! Also, front basket: 👌👍🙌💯

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This tool is heaps useful if you ever need to create launchd.plist files

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Vagrant and the indieweb

I've been playing with vagrant over the last few days. I'm pretty excited about it. I started to run into issues relying on MAMP, so I put together a wicked basic LAMP stack to fiddle with. Check it out! Next week I'm going to assemble a vagrant box that is a mirror of the servers we use at work.

I played with a heap of the online tooling that helps with writing vagrantfiles, but so far I've found doing it manually has the best results. Thinking of ways to integrate a tool like vagrant into the indieweb. Wondering about a preconfigured box that'll get folks up and running with wordpress including all the necessary indieweb plugins, maybe?

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Is it just me or is writing cronjob's on macOS wicked difficult? It is silly, but I can't get them to write to the file half the time 🤔

This evening I finally finished migrating a few old posts from the previous incarnation of my blog. Check 'em out if you so please:

  1. Cli poetry
  2. Echo, please
  3. Boring fjords

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