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I've fallen in love with Spacemacs, but the launch times are absolutely abysmal when compared to Vim. Enter Emacs server!

Peekaboo! We spent the better part of the day exploring Portland. Spring seems to have sprung! 🐣 🌱

Yo, it is the ocean.

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🌲 🌊

Maine, you aren’t the absolute worst, I guess. 🙄

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On the power of plug-ins (as opposed libraries and frameworks):

you can install the plug-in and activate it and it just works and there’s no other integration required because it’s all done through these known hooks, these published hooks that are part of the core.


In that way, you’re actually trying to build an ecosystem, an ecosystem of plug-ins that provide a lot of the functionality that you need.

I like the use of "ecosystem" in this context. I think the web would benefit from more folks thinking of web-based tooling in the context of how it fits into the wider ecosystem of the web itself. Rather than see the web as a means of distribution, think of it as a coherent space unto itself, like a continent with unique biomes and ecologies. Does your tool fit into the ecosystem? Does it work with, or against it?

Facebook and similar walled silos ignored the ecological aspect of the web, whereas the IndieWeb attempts to integrate itself, and to extend the web's existing ecology.

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Kurt Vonnegut, genius.

Playground weather returns!?

From one of my favorite lunch spots downtown.

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TFW you pass someone wearing pink pants identical to the ones you are wearing.

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Creep peeking on the renaissance revival Customs House in downtown Portland down an alley.

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Database Flow is one of the most powerful and easy to use data analytics tools I've ever seen (assuming you have a solid grasp of either or both SQL and GraphQL).

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With a basic to middling understanding of both regex and VBA I feel invincible.

Question for the spacemacs folks out there. In my .vimrc I have :W mapped to :w, so when I goof and hold shift a wee bit longer than I mean to I still write the buffer to a file. Is there a way to do the same thing in emacs?

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I have blended canonical works with those I know students will find interesting, and others they might find challenging, but will learn a lot from being exposed to because this is what my actual reading/writing life looks like. This is not the only way to design the course, but it is one way, and I’m pleased with how it has turned out. Wouldn’t it be great if all teachers felt empowered to bring their authentic reading and writing lives into the classroom?

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In reply to: Kendrick Lamar just made Pulitzer history | The Outline

Lamar’s win elevates him in rap’s long history of lyrical geniuses. Not only does this count as a historic moment of critical recognition for Lamar personally and rappers in general, it represents a shrewd attempt by the Pulitzers to stay relevant with a younger generation. Academic and classical musicians have often been Pulitzer’s go-to awardees, but with Lamar’s win, the door is open for more culturally visible and influential musicians to get their share of this elite recognition.

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