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Magnet Fingers

I have magnets implanted in my hands

A person with magnets in 2 of their fingers. Why, how, and some more.

In China, the smiley face emoji does not mean what you think it means

WeChat has its own emoji vernacular.

Children Are Using Emoji for Digital-Age Language Learning

I wanted to find out not only whether kids were texting emoji but which emoji, and why? How do they organize emoji into sequences and ideas, and how do these early ramblings shift as kids learn to read?

Skipping to the conclusion

Kids still get picture books read to them. But now that we all communicate in writing so much more often, kids also are read text messages. For a kid to get a text message written directly for them, and read directly to them, which they can reply to in some fashion, it teaches them something powerful about the written word—that it can be used to connect with people you care about.

Privacy Is Not Dying, We’re Killing It

… Privacy may not be dead but it’s morphing, and it is doing so in part because of how we habitually conduct ourselves and how our tools mediate our perception.

So we say we value privacy, but we hardly understand what we mean by it. Privacy flourishes in the attention economy to the same degree that contentment flourishes in the consumer economy, which is to say not at all. Quietly and without acknowledging as much, we’ve turned the old virtue into a vice.

Packaging as Content | Box Vox

This is a weirdly fascinating and specific blog about packaging design. Keep an eye out for the series of posts all about Polyhedral Milk Cartons.