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Through blot’s dashboard you can inspect a 404 log for your website. This is essentially a list of all the whiffs against your domain — whenever someone tries to visit a URL at your domain that doesn’t actually exist that gets logged. No info about the person/bot visiting the site is saved, just that someone or something tried to visit a specific URL that doesn’t actually exist.

Reviewing the log this evening I learned a few things:

There don’t seem to be many folks missing what they hope to find on my site (this is good!).

My domain receives more malicious traffic than I would have guessed — it looks like a lot of automated attempts to brute-force into common WordPress, Drupal, and other big-name CMS vulnerabilities, as well as a surprising amount of plain old SQL injection.

Stay safe out there in internet-land.

On a similar, yet tangential note: I have no desire to add any sort of analytics to my website, but I am curious from time to time about how many folks read this thing, and more importantly, in what format — RSS, syndication, something else? Is what you are doing working for you? Is there anything I could do to make that experience better? Would anyone be interested in my starting an email newsletter? Let me know if you’ve got thoughts on this!