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And lo, a plague beset their house

February! We made it to the month I most commonly misspell. In mid and late January I had my doubts if we’d make it. I would like to propose that we re-schedule Christmas, or some other really big event that involves lots of decorations (namely lights) for somewhere in the middle of February.

December gets all the hoopla, January gets to ride the December hoopla-wave for a bit while February and March (poor March) get squat diddly save for the continual grind of the winter, and, this season at least, seemingly relentless colds and flu.

Beyond seasonal mope, though, the month was good. Tova launched her freelance endeavors (don’t miss her blog!) and I cleaned mine up a bit. I was invited to GM a D&D campaign (probs one of my favorite things to do, ever). There was much technical fiddling with my website. Work is going well. Aaaaand we started to read longer books to the kid. Moomintroll, FTW!

Looking back January wasn’t all that bad…we just used a lot of tissues.