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Dragons, cars, work, mills and states starting with the letter 'M'

March! February has come and gone, and March is now begun.

Things of note:

  • The car
    • broke
    • was fixed
    • broke again
    • was fixed again (this time for good, we hope!)
  • I ran the first campaign session for a Dungeons and Dragons group that I was invited to GM. I think it went pretty well! The group is a) HUGE and b) new to Dungeons and Dragons so we’re taking it slow. Doing this, and reading like a million books, has led to my really wanting to play some other games. Making the time between work and family is hard. Who new, making time to play games as an adult in this day and age isn’t wicked easy.
  • We (aka family unit) explored some of the greater Portland area, including the mills of Biddeford and Saco
  • We continue to noodle the potential possibility of one day, maybe, moving from Maine to Minnesota
  • Work-wise I’ve been focused on a lot of QA tasks as well as doing some frontend stuff. A recent project has brought me back into the world of CSS preprocessors…such feels. It looks like next month I’ll be partially focused on writing a lot of documentation which I am wicked excited about. It is probably my favorite work related activity these days
  • The migration from WebFaction to Linode is more or less complete. Linode is nice
  • I continue to poke at side projects, finishing” nothing
  • Got new glasses