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What is weekend?

I had an academic understanding of what weekends would become after becoming a parent, but lately that understanding has been coming into full view.

  • Long weekend! — there was a school staff day” on Friday, so no school, but still work. We kicked the festivities off by having breakfast with some friends visiting from out of town
  • In the afternoon made a visit to the indoor playground. It is a really good place, and quickly becoming my go-to co-working space on days when I have to work but when there is no school
  • Rounded Friday off by having some friends over for dinner — I’m pleased with how the meal turned out since it had to accommodate our being vegetarian, 1 guest being gluten free, and another being dairy avoidant
  • Saturday morning was spent at a birthday party for two sisters. At this party there were very good bagels and even better black and white cookies — it was like a weird trip back to my childhood
  • After birthday partying we went straight to a nearby farm that was having a lamb day.” E.g. showing off all the baby lambs. There was much adorable bleating
  • Afternoon consisted of heaps of play, followed by dinner and an eventual trip to the gym…where I may have cried a little whilst running and listening to a rather emotional podcast
  • Instead of doing the wise thing and going to bed after the gym I stayed up and watched many an hour of Queer Eye with Tova
  • Leading us to Sunday morning, today. Bright and early! Today has been a blur of errands and bouncing from playground to playground, forest park to forest park
  • The house is in shambles, I have a list of chores left to do, but, all in all, I think this was a solid weekend