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A bedtime story

Princess Pickle was charged with tending to all the royal unicorns that pulled the royal chariot.

She knew everything there is to know about Unicorns.

The hardest part of her job was keeping unicorns clean. You see, they love to be filthy. Covered in mud from hoof to horn. The King, however, couldn’t be seen being pulled by dirty unicorns, so demanded that they be sparkly clean!

To accomplish this, Princess Pickle had to always scrub the unicorns, which was slow work, exhausting, and fun for no one.

She made an invention to make the work easier; she invented the unicorn car wash. A machine for washing unicorns!

Others had tried and failed to make such a thing, but Princess Pickle new a secret. She knew a unicorn’s favorite food—an irresistible food.


Princess Pickle would open her machine, lace up a few bagels with some twine, and in the unicorns would run! By the time they were done snacking they’d be as clean as can be.

Now, rather than spend her time constantly scrubbing the unicorns, Princess Pickle had only to spend a few hours every morning making bagels for the unicorns, which was much easier, and much more enjoyable.

One day, while making bagels, Princess Pickle absentmindedly hung some bagel dough on a passing unicorn’s horn…

…there was a flash, and as if by magic (well, literally by magic), the bagel dough turned into a donut!

And that is how Princess Pickle invented donuts.