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A bike ride story

A little know fact about unicorns is that they all grow beards. Giant beards that stretch from their horn to their hooves.

The beards are so long, in fact, that unicorns will get tangled in them, and trip, if their beards aren’t regularly shorn, or cut.

Princess Pickle works diligently to keep all of the royal unicorns’ beards short. Cutting the beards is difficult work — unicorn beards are magical, and very, very strong. Cutting them is near impossible without the right tool: scissors made from a grass grown on the northern face of the mountain tree.

After cutting the beards, Princess Pickle is careful to leave the beard trimmings in a spot way up high, but shielded from the wind. Birds come to collect the magical cuttings and weave them into their nests.

Every 3rd egg laid in a nest woven with unicorn beard hair hatches into a baby unicorn — this is, of course, where unicorns come from.