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Lately, in a shocking twist of events my undying love and use of Miniflux for all things RSS related has been supplanted by the stupendous Fraidycat.

Fraidycat is a minimalist feed reader by Kicks Condor. With it you can subscribe to a variety of different sorts of feed (not just RSS). It only works in the browser/on desktop, and doesn’t re-present the content. It simply shows you what feeds have updated and offers a link to the updated content.

Feeds can be set to be polled in real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. And there is no concept of a feed being read/unread — it is simply data floating by. Rather than my RSS habit requiring me to manage yet another inbox, it is now a sortable feed that I can dip into whenever I want. Less inbox, more river.

I’m probably going to keep Miniflux kicking around because I love it and RSS is weirdly integral to almost all computing tasks I do, both personal and work-y in nature. Also — just because I’m gushing about RSS stuff — huge shout out to RSS-bridge (don’t miss the rant) that lets me turn things that are otherwise trapped in walled gardens without RSS feeds out into beautiful RSS feed butterflies, flitting to my feed reader, be it Miniflux or Fraidycat.

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