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Bye bye IndieWeb (for now)

Close observers of my blog (which I hope are 0) may have noticed it was offline for a bit. In that time I noodled moving away from blot … but, in the end I came back. I like it as a service a lot, and the task of migrating my heap of posts seemed a bit to monstrous for right now (raising the question…why migrate? But that is best left for another time).

Back on topic! If I had to compile a list of gripes about blot (it would be a hard task) one of them would be that I don’t control the stack. I generally don’t care heaps about that, but I want to make sure the carbon footprint of my digital life is kept relatively low.

Blot is open source, so I can tell it runs on node, and from my understanding node is less than ideal when it comes to energy efficiency.

So, to help out a bit I’ve been ripping out superfluous chunks of my website. I’ll be doing more of that over the next few days and weeks.

The first thing to get cut was a whole heap of JS — namely, all the IndieWeb functionality baked into my blog.

While I love the IndieWeb, I didn’t feel that functionality was worth the extra load times.

So, to any IndieWeb folks out there — know that I’m still around, but just in RSS land these days.