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Social distancing

Generally speaking I’m pretty anti-social and work from home, so the bulk of my normal IRL social contact comes from pre-k drop-off and pickup, the occasional errand, and trips to the gym. I guess I’m going truly digital native and all in on the family-man thing.

Now that school are closed for at least 2 weeks, this weekend was a dry-run for the days to come:

Beside sneaking some work in whenever possible, I started a new project, ran around in the woods (far from other people) and caught a bunch of Pokemon in Pokemon Go with the kiddo, watched Frozen 2 (3 times!?), read many children’s books, listened to, or overheard many children’s podcasts, cleaned and cooked…a lot.

Covid-cooking so far:

  • Vegan waffles
  • Flat bread and red curry
  • Vegan chocolate chip cookies
  • Miso soup
  • Dozens of bowls of oatmeal (we really like oatmeal)
  • 1 other meal that I’ve completely forgotten

Wash your hands and take care of each other!