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In reply to: kickscondor | Service discontinued

The All-mother has spoken: Kicks Condor has strayed from the path of blogging-righteousness.

I have, in the past, advocated strongly for Kicks and the tools they produce. No longer.

For their disrespect against Disney, Kicks must be ostracized from the realms of the blogosphere.

Permanent banishment:

Look not upon their feeds.

Decompile the source of their tools.

May their name be like ash in the mouth; an important reminder of the power wielded by the All-mother.

Forget not the ways of the blogosphere:

Blog together.

Remain together.

The tangled feed — one vine may be pulled from the vineyard…

Theory: Kicks Condor, online nom de plume for one Nicolas Kim Coppola, aka Nicolas Cage.

A once and promised Superman.

༼ つ ╹ ╹ ༽つ