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I recently had the distinct pleasure of wiping my laptop and re-installing Debian linux on it (I done and goofed up good).

This is a personal machine that I only use for hobby projects and idle noodling. Wanting to keep things minimal, and fast (because the computer is also not the most Herculean of machines) here’s what I installed and (loosely) how.

Tools and utilities

Languages and dependencies

A notable omission is a browser — this is because the computer is a Chromebook. I run Debian in Crostini, ChromeOS’s vm. Another notable omission is Nodejs — tbh, I don’t really ever use node when I write js for fun, so, I figured I’d fly free from it. I’ve also been poking around Deno lately, so will try that over node if needs be.

This time around I’ve created a snapshot of this vm, so it’ll be easy to restore in the future. Looking at my minimal setup, too, I’m thinking that it’d be pretty straight forward to write a make file to handle this configuration/updates. The quarkiest bit of the entire process was install racket, which isn’t all that quarky.