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I’ve been oggling forth in a few different flavors for a little over a year now — I’ve never really gotten into one, per se, but I’m interested in forth nonetheless.

Retro has been the forth that I’ve been the most interested in, mostly for its handy documentation, active IRC channel and literate style — this said, I’ve accomplished nothing of note in it.

The tooling around factor is totally gorgeous and got me wicked excited, but it seems to be crumbling. It mostly works under linux, but is missing most of the icing (e.g. the wicked IDE), and recently broke for me on macOS Big Sur.

gForth is the logical place to focus, being the purest” forth…and where I’d like to end up, but I haven’t yet got my brain in the place where I can actually totally grok it, yet and I think I need more libraries than gforth seems to offer.

Last but not least is play-lang, a new arrival on the scene that has got me very interested. Not much to see yet, but I’ve been keeping tabs on its development and am excited to see where it goes. Also, it is using fossil over git!