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Site updates, and some tips for navigating this website

Eagle-eyed folks may have noticed that I made a few wee changes to this website.

The biggest, and most noticeable one is that I’ve filtered out all of the like type posts from appearing on the main feed, from rss, and in the archives. There were waaaaay to many, so filtering them out makes the entire website a lot more navigable. They are not gone, though, and I’ll probably keep sharing like type posts, but now they are something you can opt in or out of. To see em:

Furthermore, and this isn’t actually new, but I feel I may as well point it out again, there is an rss feed specific to any and every tag used on the site! You can find those tag-specific rss feeds on the tag pages under the title that says Tagged SomeTagName,” by clicking the Follow Tag” link. Here is an example of one of those pages, and here is an example of one of those feeds.

As always, you can also search the site, or peruse the massive collection of tags (I should probably prune those down a bit, eh?).