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uxn laboratory

As I look to assembly nights 2 and think of trying my own take on it, I wanna have a cozy space ready to play with uxn.

The setup I’ve landed on is sort of inspired by plan9port.

Prepare the way

Utility scripts


export UXN

case "$PATH" in
    export PATH

case $# in
       exec "$@"
# script name: lin

u uxncli uxnlin.rom $1
# script name: asm

u uxnasm $1 $2
# script name: run

u uxnemu $1
# script name: cli

u uxncli $1
# script name: drif

u uxncli drifblim.rom $1 $2

rom library


rock and roll

At this point everything is set and cozy to start exploring!

Do that like so:

u lin rad.tal
u asm rad.tal rad.rom
u drif rad.tal rad.rom
u run rad.rom
u cli rad.rom
u uxnemu left.rom -s 2 rad.tal

NOTE: the -s 2 bit makes the program run zoomed…I’ve got bad eyesight and have a high DPI screen, you may not need that flag.


Now, I’ll be honest — I don’t know if I’ll actually do my own flavor of assembly nights with uxn, but I’m really pleased with this little setup…so, that is a step in the right direction. The other step in the right direction I’ve taken is that I started to read Programming from the Ground Up by Jonathan Bartlett…so far, 2 chapters in, I am enjoying it a lot.