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week notes

Some things of note, links mostly:

First and foremost, I found a suitable pinboard replacement in link hut! Shout outs to my buddy Bruno for the tip.

Here’s a bookmarklet I wrote to make it a bit more ergonomic for how I like to roll,

javascript:(function () {
  const tags = prompt('A space separated list of tags.');

That will snag any selected text and pop it into the bookmark’s description after it prompts you to enter some tags.

Next, a confession: those who know me know that I’m cynical about all tech. So, it should come as no surprise that I’m deeply cynical about the current bloom of AI, a la ChatGPT.

…well, curiosity got the best of me and I tried ChatGPT out.

And, honestly, I’m still pretty cynical about the whole vibe — I started to write some discombobulated thoughts about all that on my wiki but haven’t gotten anywhere with that line of thought yet — BUT, the thing I have found ChatGPT incredible for is that it has totally replaced my least favorite weekly chore! Menu planning.

I loathe menu planning. It is weirdly stressful and we have a handful of interconnected constraints on our menus and it was exhausting for me for some reason. I always dreaded menu planning. Well, ChatGPT has solved menu planning for me, and I guess that is cool?

I said unto it: please suggest 4 week’s worth of dinners for a gluten free, vegetarian family of 4 including recipes and shopping lists.”

…and it worked.

Insane with power, I submitted the same request with some minor tweaks 6 more times. I used the responses to build an archive of recipes paired with shopping lists. I’ve added a few items, and I’ve made myself a little tool to randomize a menu and shopping list.

Now ya’ll know my shame.

My birthday happened this month, for it I got 2 lovely gifts:

Among the games are two standouts:

Eastward is specifically amazing because it hits every button right for me — I’m a sucker for the type of story telling it engages, as well as for Vermeer-level pixel-art. The graphical story telling, and world building are all kinds of good.

Speaking of pixel-art, I continue to work on a little Game Boy game. To empower my doodling around with that while on work meetings I pulled together a little pixel-art editor.

Spring has been teasing us here in Maine. Hints of its arrival abound, yet it remains sloppy and gray outside…sock weather purists.