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An evening in Portland, ME

Neovim, I'm officially in love. 😍

You know you've been writing too much SQL when you can't help but to write operator words in all caps...even when writing an email. IS NULL

Stupid-simple bash script to create a local copy of a website


printf "\n\n    Please enter the URL of the website you wish to download.\n    Do not include leading 'http://' or 'https://'?\n\n\n"
printf "    "
read URL
printf "\n\n    Depending on the size of the website you just\n    entered, this may take a few minutes.\n\n\n"
sleep 6
wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --restrict-file-names=windows --domains ${URL} --no-parent http://${URL}
printf "\n\n  DONE!\n\n\n"

All the heavy lifting is done by wget, so that will need to be installed before using the script

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The International Space Station preformed a pretty epic photo bomb today.

Today was a really excellent day. Avi and I adventured with an old friend whom I haven't seen in faaaaar toooooo looooooong. A burrito was also eaten, and many wood chips were moved from one location to another. There was an eclipse.

First night in the new bed!

We share this wall with our neighbors. Avi sometimes sits and stares at it when he can hear the neighbors in their kitchen.

That, or he's putting himself in timeout. A behavior we have no clue where he picked it up, becuase we've never put him in timeout before.

It's been awesome biking to work on my new bike! I decided that riding a fixed gear with a kids seat (not pictured) was probably not the greatest idea, so I said good bye to my beloved and ancient fixed gear steed and upgraded to something with gears! 8 of them at that! Also, front basket: 👌👍🙌💯

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This tool is heaps useful if you ever need to create launchd.plist files

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Vagrant and the indieweb

I've been playing with vagrant over the last few days. I'm pretty excited about it. I started to run into issues relying on MAMP, so I put together a wicked basic LAMP stack to fiddle with. Check it out! Next week I'm going to assemble a vagrant box that is a mirror of the servers we use at work.

I played with a heap of the online tooling that helps with writing vagrantfiles, but so far I've found doing it manually has the best results. Thinking of ways to integrate a tool like vagrant into the indieweb. Wondering about a preconfigured box that'll get folks up and running with wordpress including all the necessary indieweb plugins, maybe?

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Is it just me or is writing cronjob's on macOS wicked difficult? It is silly, but I can't get them to write to the file half the time 🤔

This evening I finally finished migrating a few old posts from the previous incarnation of my blog. Check 'em out if you so please:

  1. Cli poetry
  2. Echo, please
  3. Boring fjords


Spending a lot of time with a toddler results in my being aware of transitions. Spotting them from a galaxy away is quickly becoming a sort of superpower. Transitions are often difficult for Avi—from park to stroller, from stroller to house, from playing to supper. Entering into a transition with intention makes them easier. They can be choreographed to go more smoothly.

I don’t think Avi is unique in finding transitions troubling or difficult. They are just straight-up difficult sometimes. We recently moved. Major transition. I recently started a new job. Major transition. Perhaps toddlers are willing to more clearly articulate the difficulty of transitions because they’re less able to actually articulate what is going on. Transitions are often inflicted on toddlers (e.g. I say it is time for supper despite Avi’s having a blast at the park, such is the dictate of adult-timed life).

I’ve observed that transitions can be made easier when Avi has a little bit of say in them. Granted, I can’t necessarily allow him the freedom to stay at the playground for hours on end, but I can offer a supplemental choice mid-transition.

Example: It is time to leave the park. I let Avi choose how he wants to leave. Either in the stroller or on my shoulders. It seems weird, but this almost always helps. Rather than our leaving the park, we’re doing a new activity…something sort of his choosing…either riding in the spaceship-stroller or pretending to ride a dinosaur!

Why are transitions difficult? I don’t really wanna go down that route because I have no clue, nor am I a psychologist and I don’t want to tread on Malcolm Gladwell’s pop-psychological shoes.

I think transitions are difficult though. I’m gonna run with that.


Enter the model-of-a-modern-American-media-landscape.

Before Avi was born I often thought about having children…never did I think I’d be worried about said-thought-children having to live in a world where literal Nazis murdered people in the streets. But here we are. Here I am.

Which brings me back to transitions and how difficult they can be. It is my hope that things are currently difficult because they’re transitioning from here to better.

Today ▁▂▄▆█ Tomorrow

As opposed to

Today █▇▅▄▂ Tomorrow

I wonder if there is a way to guarantee that this difficult transition goes well (which is to say “Nazis stop murdering people in the street”…and maybe stop being Nazis, too)?

This isn’t a fully formed thought. I don’t really have anything profound or particularly insightful to end this post with. There are organizers out there doing amazing work. Brave work. 🙌

Stepping up, showing up, seems wicked important right now. Figuring out how to do that in a meaningful way is the task at hand I suppose.

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🙌  Liked: Modern Perl 4e Table of Contents

Starting to fall in love with perl 😍 🐫

What do folks use to manage local PHP versions? I've been using MAMP for years, but wondering if I should switch to homebrew and homebrew-php since I use homebrew for just about everything else?

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The mighty Kallax put up a fearsome battle, but in the end was bested. Our brave heroes journeyed onward. The Kallax slain.

Biked to and from work today for the first time since moving to Portland. It was glorious! 🚴 🎉 🙏

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Mind blown.

In reply to: I'm curious what, if anything, you all think that the IndieWeb as a community could do or do better to make things easier for Generation

I think @manton's micro.blog offers a great model of the indieweb. It, like quill or webmention.io, is a microservice or set of microservices that leverages indieweb tech in a user friendly way. When the indieweb works more like the social media that folks are already familiar with (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) the less friction there is to join. So...this is all to say, in the end, I think better on boarding materials and user-friendlier documentation would go a LOOOOONG way. BUT, before one can create such documents there needs to be a relatively stable way of joining the indieweb. Between wordpress and micro.blog I think that is starting to emerge.

In reply to: I'm curious what, if anything, you all think that the IndieWeb as a community could do or do better to make things easier for Generation

I wonder if the generations are still applicable and/or useful? Generation 2 is so broadly defined it is difficult to say what "they" need, because as a group of users they're not very clearly articulated. What if the focused shifted to features? ...this isn't to say away from users, but to re-articulate phases of indieweb growth by ease of use?

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Preserve the future in kindness. In compassion.

I hold you dear
I have not
thought you up

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📡 after about 10 minutes of fiddling I've got wifi up and running on the hackintosh! 🕺

Just another day working with Darth Historious

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Time to read through about 1000 lines of code! Go!

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🙌  Liked: FitNesse | The fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework

@manton I don't know what changed, but I can now post directly to my homebrew website from the micro.blog iOS app, and it is awesome! 🎉

Test post directly from micro.blog!

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🙌  Liked: Don't Give HBO's 'Confederate' the Benefit of the Doubt - The Atlantic

This is hands down one of the most, if not the most lucid arguemnts against HBO's proposed Confederate, as well as one of the gretest essays I've ever read, full-stop.

First day of a new job. Time to write a heap PHP and help #savehistory!

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Dog saint!?

The local playground has a splash pad. Avicado is literally the happiest. 💦 😁

This duo is wicked happy to have the bed unpacked.

I wonder why so many weather and forecast apps feature a lightening bolt ⚡️on their icons? As weather phenomenon go, lightning is pretty rare. I guess a lightening bolt gives the impression of speed/urgency, while a cloud is more slow and meandering. Rain inconvenience.

🙌  Liked: Curiosity Rover on Twitter: "Riding dirty... getting wiser. See the top discoveries in the time it took to get so dusty. Five years on Mars: https://t.co/Ift2BPekDg https://t.co/XXKbOsCFpH"

Moved everything out of our storage unit into the moving van this morning. Afterwards I picked Avi up from the babysitter and we hung out at the playground. Later tonight we'll eat pizza with some buds and after that we'll drive the 3 hours to Portland! Starting tomorrow we'll live there. New chapter.

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Best episode ever of 99 pi!

Bashi is gonna miss the Anchor Space lounge/nap room. ⚓️ 🚀 😴 🐶

🙌  Liked: Cron Syntax Cheatsheet - healthchecks.io

On my way to a perfect month! 10k or more everyday.

Tonight I took a moment to do a little project I've been wanting to do for ages! I combed through a few of the various places I horde recipes on my computer and phone and started a tiny wiki for them! Haven't gotten everything up yet, but will keep at it.

Someone has taken a liking to the stroller.

"Away team to Enterprise...I think they've found us!"

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The big move, part 2

Today we closed on the new place in Portland! We’ll move in over the next week or so, then, starting the second week of August, I’m full-tilt into my new job 🎉🍍🎈

Living in the cabin has been trying at times, but also a blast. Because the cabin is tiny, doesn’t have a kitchen or running water we’ve spent heaps of time in the woods, in town, and adventuring. We’ve fallen in love with the island all over again — all while remaining excited to move to the city. We’ve spent loads of time with friends, eaten great food and gone on miles and miles of walks.

Once we get settled in the new place I’m looking forward to jumping back in to the indieweb community, but also getting to know some folks in the Portland area. Thinking of starting a local Homebrew Website Club 🤷‍♀️🖥

Transitioning to the new job will be an adventure. I’m pepped to take on a more technical position, but know I’ll still be thinking like a project manager and product designer. Over the next few days, beside moving, I’m hoping to read a heap of documentation, best practices, and other orientation materials I’ve been amassing. There seems to be a plethora of info about transitioning from web to mobile platforms, but not a lot the other way, so I’ve been focused on more general aspects: architectures, intros to AWS (I’m weirdly unfamiliar with AWS), anything and everything written by Martin Fowler

…other than that stuff, I haven’t been reading heaps. It is dark in the cabin in the evenings. I did read Valerian & Laureline, vol 2. The Empire of a Thousand Planets…which I’d describe exactly as I described vol 1.

méh to bad, but supposedly a classic of sorts. I like the coloring, though. If they fall into my lap I’ll probably read more

The colors are gorgeous. The pencils are clean. The art is fairly rich for the most part, but toes the line of being exploitative whenever Laureline is involved. The story…the story is like an episode in the middle of a season of Start Trek The Next Generation that starts with Data talking to his cat.

I’ve got Paper Girls, vol. 1 lined up next.

While I haven’t read heaps. I’ve listened to a load of podcasts lately. Some recent highlights include:

🙌  Liked: Becoming Strong & Healthy as a Vegan : zen habits

🙌  Liked: So long Disqus, hello Webmention


🙌  Liked: Jimmy Carter: Housing Is a Basic Human Right - CityLab

svn...sort of like git, but only sometimes and not really

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🙌  Liked: GitHub - toddmotto/public-apis: A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development.

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Avicado loves wearing shoes. He's always carrying them around saying "shoe-y shoe-y shoe-y." @virginiaoat got him these gnarly green slippers to wear inside. He loves them. They're quickly becoming his favorite toy...currently a close second to the vacuum extension-wand with a brush on it.

Glamping breakfast

🙌  Liked: Beyond mushroom soup: Maine growers cultivate gourmet mushrooms | Mainebiz.biz

(2/2) ...seven minutes later

(1/2) What destruction hath I wrought?

In reply to: Monstrous Landscapes: The Interdependence of Meaning between Monster and Landscape in Beowulf–By Charlotte Ball | Hortulus

Grendel is the source of most of the descriptive language of borderlands in Beowulf. By describing him, the poet defines these edges, and thus it is the edges that define Grendel. Grendel is the “Mearcstapa” [border walker] (l.103) and even “moras heold” [held the moors] (l.103). Like the relationship between the society and Heorot, Grendel is defined in terms of his environment and, in turn, determines his environment. Grendel is inextricable from these borders. His trespassing of these borders causes the violence and conflict in Beowulf. His occupation of these borders is habitual; he continues his crossing of them for years between his first attack and his death at the hands of Beowulf.

In reply to: Song Exploder | Fleet Foxes

Including a little shoutout to Beowulf!

🙌  Liked: Learning to Squat | The New Yorker

Took a jaunt downeast today. Had a great time with friends, ate some delicious food and explored bits of Maine we haven't spent heaps of time in before. In the evening we came back to the island, grabbed a quick dinner (and after loosing Avi's shoes! Whoops) took a nice stroll through town and along the water, where we saw the recently restored/rebuilt Oliver Hazard Perry.

Oliver Hazard Perry. The original whaling ship (shout out @ramblintrout)

Just finished episode 1 of Cleverman, I'm hooked! Wicked excited to see where this goes.

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🙌  Liked: So you want your decentralized browser to work correctly

Balance rock in the fog

🙌  Liked: Terminal velocity by vhp

In reply to: Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures - Scott Hanselman

Doesn't having ligatures make a font not monospaced?

🙌  Liked: Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: The Connection Between Narrative and Purpose

🙌  Liked: Journa11y

🙌  Liked: I created Journa11y ⚒ Nerd

Anyone have any experience with the BeatsX? As good as the AirPods? I'm on a headphone hunt. 🎧

In reply to: Stargate returns with Stargate Origins series, an MGM streaming exclusive | TechCrunch

Embarrassingly excited for this and the new Star Trek series.

In reply to: Over nearly 80 years, Harvard study has been showing how to live a healthy and happy life | Harvard Gazette

When the study began, nobody cared about empathy or attachment. But the key to healthy aging is relationships, relationships, relationships.

Medicinal uses for the indieweb?

Researchers who have pored through data, including vast medical records and hundreds of in-person interviews and questionnaires, found a strong correlation between men’s flourishing lives and their relationships with family, friends, and community. Several studies found that people’s level of satisfaction with their relationships at age 50 was a better predictor of physical health than their cholesterol levels were.

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In reply to: Martijn’s permalinked post

It isn't exactly the same thing, but check out Battle Decks:

Think of it as improv karaoke powerpoint.

Contenders each prepare a 10 slide deck for their opponent to present sight unseen. The audience judges by show of applause based on continuity, use of buzz words and general awesomeness.

In reply to: ongoing by Tim Bray · On Password Managers

While I understand the security concerns posed here, I still feel that any password manager is better than no password manager. It isn't worth scaring folks away from strong passwords. KeepassX fo' lyfe!

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In reply to: 20/07/2017, 05:40

@colinwalker while putting an integrated RSS reader on the back burner, have you thought of using something like tt-rss, or miniflux? I'd be happy to set you up with an account on my install of tt-rss. I've been playing with @cweiske's tt-rss-micropub plugin. I also have mini flux installed, but haven't gotten it to successfully auto-update any feeds yet 😬

🙌  Liked: GitHub - davidmerfield/Blot: Turns a folder into a blog.

🙌  Liked: AWS in Plain English

🙌  Liked: Why My Dad Reads Jane Austen - The Atlantic


iOS Dev Questions! Has anyone ever implemented a full-screen background video on iOS? Any recommendations about video format, size, and resolution? I can't find a clear way forward.

In reply to: Apple Machine Learning Journal

Apple, why no RSS or Atom feed? Your browser supports subscribing to such things...

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🙌  Liked: Troy Hunt: On The (Perceived) Value of EV Certs, Commercial CAs, Phishing and Let's Encrypt

I use Panic's Transmit every single day. It is one of the only non-opensource tools I truly depend on. Transmit 5 is perfect! Worth every single penny, and more.

🙌  Liked: Vanilla List: The Vanilla Javascript Repository

🙌  Liked: Why I do accessibility ⚒ Nerd

Fun with hiding content in CSS

div[data-content] { display: block; }
div[data-content=""] { display: none; }

IF data-content is empty display the div ELSE display nothing

🙌  Liked: :empty | CSS-Tricks

🙌  Liked: Paul Farhi on Twitter: "News "deserts:" What happens to local news when there is no local media to cover it? https://t.co/sSuCeDA7DI"

This afternoon I rediscovered The Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, one of the best movies I've ever seen (like a dozen times).

In reply to: Apple previews new emoji coming later this year - Apple


This is a photo of a very large cruise ship as well as some islands.

Dear fellow app developers and designers, I have a gripe: "Login" Noun. "Log in" Verb.

🙌  Liked: AI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?

🙌  Liked: Linguistics and Programming Languages - 250bpm

Maine, sometimes you've got me fooled. Sometimes I believe you are a tropical paradise. Remember the winter. Remember the winter.

Tide poolin'

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🙌  Liked: Reply to What the New Webmention and Annotation W3C Standards Mean for WordPress | WPMUDEV

Looking for deer, gnomes, and elves.


Why is node such a breeze to run locally and completely impossible to use on my server? "Node, easy in development. Difficult in production"

My shirt was on inside out all day yesterday. I didn't realize until I was brushing my teeth before bed.


In reply to: Replied to:« Oatmeal | Srikanth Perinkulam

Thanks! I'm checking out standardnotes. I've used simplenote in the past. Ideally I'd like to control the content source, and not have to host it on someone else's servers, though.

In reply to: Oat note, posted July 14, 2017

So far the options in the running are dokuwiki, tiddlywiki, tagspaces, laverna, or a big pile of markdown files I sync to dropbox and figure out how to tag/organize some other time 🍍...or nvALT. Always back to nvALT.

Internet! I need help. I've been using nvALT for years and years, and have years and years of content in it. I'm about to start a new job and would like to set up some sort of personal developer notebook specific to this job. In the past I'd just have thrown it into nvALT and added a tag specific to the job. I'd like this content to live separately from my other content, though. Any suggestions? I'd like to be able to write markdown, include snippets of code, sync between multiple machines, and it would be pretty groovy if I could search the content from my phone, too.

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🙌  Liked: tinyapps.org

🙌  Liked: Kasper Hawser on Twitter: "Using salt circle runes to trap an A.I. car is possibly the most cyberpunk thing ever. https://t.co/4ckbQlMyBS"

🙌  Liked: Eyes Emoji Review — Lexical Items

🙌  Liked: Jane Solomon on Twitter: "👀 I reviewed the eyes emoji during my lunch break 👀 https://t.co/AW0MAe9NhZ"

🙌  Liked: GitHub - mafintosh/soundcloud-to-dat: Download all music from a Soundcloud url and put it into a Dat

🙌  Liked: Nam Prik Pao (น้ำพริกเผา): Thai Chilli Jam

Bashi looks on as we picnic at the playground, where no dogs are allowed

Week one living in the cabin has been an adventure. I think we're hitting our stride, but we've also been heaps lucky that the weather has been wicked cooperative. We've been able to spend the majority of every evening wandering around outside, which has been 💯

So far the biggest hurdle hasn't been the lack of running water, it's been not having a kitchen or any way to really prep food. Also, the dog is terrified of the woods. She's such a city-slicker, our hound.

🙌  Liked: Why The First Complete Map of the Ocean Floor Is Stirring Controversial Waters | Science | Smithsonian

🙌  Liked: Brushing my teeth is fatiguing - All this

🙌  Liked: Jupiter's Great Red Spot (Enhanced Color)

Made Avi pita-butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch today...I feel like this is an extraordinary pun-win.

Visual Studio Code, color me impressed.

Anyone know of a tool like gitk for svn?

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🙌  Liked: Microsoft's Calibri font is at the center of a political scandal

🙌  Liked: Massive Iceberg Breaks Free In Antarctica : The Two-Way : NPR

🙌  Liked: Hire Me – Collin Donnell

🙌  Liked: The Perfect QA Recruitment Filter — Erica Sadun

Into the woods

🙌  Liked: Charlotte Brontë’s Teaching Career | Lapham’s Quarterly

Home for the next month while we wait for our place in Portland to open up. 1 room with electricity and internet. No running water. Priorities.

No fog today.

🙌  Liked: GitHub - ChrisRx/dungeonfs: A FUSE filesystem and dungeon crawling adventure game engine

🙌  Liked: How to Use SSH Keys in Panic Apps - Panic Library

🙌  Liked: Note on Homesteading the Noosphere - 250bpm

🙌  Liked: A favorite hack - David Smith, Independent iOS Developer

Viking in training

Excited to say that come August I'll be a web developer for HistoryIT!

When did "heavily" become a descriptor for anything beyond weight?

🙌  Liked: Medieval Podcast on Twitter: "Medieval History For Fun & Profit ep 6: Time Travel! Listen at https://t.co/WVU9LJ51Sw - or subscribe on iTunes: https://t.co/0TR5ik6wUm"

🙌  Liked: Zardulu on Twitter: "Disguised since childhood, haphazardly assembled from voices and fears and little pleasures, we come of age as masks -Rilke"

Love this nerd.



In reply to: Oat note, posted July 7, 2017

Almost forgot blueberries and chickpeas in tatziki! Which is surprisingly yummy.

I don't know if Avi, 1 and 1/2 years old, is a culinary trendsetter or a weirdo. Some of his favorite combos include banana paired with an assortment of pickles, olives and oatmeal, soy sauce glazed tofu with blueberries, avocado with tomatos and popcorn, and of course, absolutely anything with pickles. Or just pickles. Pickles.

🙌  Liked: The Future of Teaching With Swift Playgrounds

Dear Sublime Text 3, title case does not mean capitalizing the first letter in every single word. Sincerely me, a lover of regex.

🙌  Liked: NOFOMO I

I keep trying to use other todo list formats/services, but I always end up back with either a notebook dot-list, or todotxt

🙌  Liked: Openness, rivers, the IndieWeb community – Richard MacManus

🙌  Liked: Why the indieweb

Most stupendous tool for debugging CSS layout issues,

* { outline: 1px solid red; }

Gragha! Cryptic message about major life choices.

🙌  Liked: [1704.07392] Signatures of extra dimensions in gravitational waves

Big day filled with parades, playgrounds, walks in the rain, and maybe some fireworks in a bit.

I've been a vegetarian since 2001. Generally speaking I don't eat immmitation meat products, yet just about every year I get a hankering for a terrible tofu pup on the Fourth of July. Charred. Covered in course ground mustard, with sourkraut if available. 🎆🎇

🇺🇸 🗽🤷‍♀️


🙌  Liked: Dive Into Neovim & Vim 8, Now on Upcase

In reply to: 2017-06-23T11:31:56.951793258Z / unrelenting.technology

@unrelenting.technology I think it boarders on addiction at this point...that or I'm using podcasts as a replacement for bona fide human interaction

ocean > bed > eat > ocean > bed > eat > ocean > bed > eat Maine-baby beach-life

🙌  Liked: IndieWeb Summit 2017 Wrap-Up! • Aaron Parecki

In reply to: Note #872 - jeena.net

So glad you enjoyed it! I'm a bit behind, but excited to catch up.

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The big move

We’re out! Packed, cleaned, and moved out. The last few days have been crazy busy, at times wicked emotional, and occasionally exhausting…neigh, straight up exhausting. Between Virginia being away on a business trip all last week, Avi having to go to the ER twice for a badly infected bug bite over the weekend and both Virginia and I coming down with the flu this past week moving out of our old place has been an adventure. But we’re done. We said good bye to our first home on Friday.