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I pretty much only write code so I can write documentation.


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iTunes Nostalgia

When I was an undergrad I loved iTunes. I loved to sit in the library on campus and browse all the shared music libraries available over the campus network. There were hundreds of libraries. Some were identifiable to individuals, others, not so much

...Banana Cucumber Omelet

I think those may have been the best days for iTunes.

Apple tried to turn iTunes into a social network, but they never realized that the social power of iTunes wasn't in the "network," per se, but rather in the media. It was a media platform with in-built sharing features. Passive connection, with communal feelings.

When I was an undergrad I loved iTunes until Spotify came around. Spotify changed the game. Spotify delivered on the promise of Groove Shark — the ability to listen to more or less whatever you wanted to without needing to make the monetary commitment of owning a song or album. Without needing to maintain a personal library.

iTunes was for librarians while Spotify was for the hungry. An iTunes library took cultivation and care to maintain. Spotify just required an appetite. One isn't necessarily better than the other. I still have my iTunes library, but it is neglected and oft ignored. I only catch a few notes of a song now and again when my phone starts to play music from the default library when I connect via bluetooth.

I loved to sit in the library on campus and browser other folks’ music libraries. Now Spotify serves me Discover Weekly and Daily Mix playlists. I discover new and fascinating music to listen to…but it is different. It is catered to my liking, even if unknowingly. Spotify knows me and my tastes better than I can probably articulate. It serves me what it has calculated I’ll like. I don’t necessarily get to sample from the bitter or divergent when Spotify serves me what it thinks I’ll like…well, I mean, I can if I try. But Spotify doesn’t make the recommendation. Does it?

I loved to sit in the library. Mine and others.

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Reinventing href's in js!

function DoNav(theUrl){
    document.location.href = theUrl;

And the markup:

<p onclick="DoNav('https://examplewebpage.com');">...</p>

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A century after Ernst Mach and Albert Einstein cast doubt on absolute space, we still don't know how a gyroscope stays pointed in a fixed direction.

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That crazed look you get when you snag the only fire truck themed shopping cart at the grocery store.

...I hate CSS today.

A large part of my job boils down to fighting with Javascript carousel frameworks. Slick is the one I've had the best luck with so far. Anyone have any favorites or recommendations?

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Watching the BHFD's ladder truck spray the ambulances clean at the baseball field 🚒 💦 🚑

Bestest of buds

Marathon day

The cron job to renew my ssl certificates is broken, my certs expire tomorrow, and I’m on a trip with only my phone...my websites maaaay be down for most of tomorrow. 😬

Toddler semi-formal attire. 🤵

Boats! 🚣

Best buds reunited.

This morning I remembered that I used to run a theater with this crazy, Art Deco chandelier in it.

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Last night I biked home in the dark for the first time in a long while. I forgot how pleasant it is to bike through a cool autumn night, gentle red-blinking light, cool breeze rustling an unzipped jacket.

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Since starting my new job I've kept an active rotation of text editors and IDEs. On Mondays I use Sublime Text, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I use Vim (well, Neo Vim) and on Fridays I either go back to Sublime Text or use Visual Studio Code. It just sort of happened, but now has become a fun experiment in contextual productivity.

Has anyone played with Notion? It is a macOS/iOS/web app doc, wiki and task management thing. I'm pretty addicted to my plain text files, but think I may use Notion for a project or two.

🙌  Liked: http://georgemauer.net/2017/10/07/csv-injection.html

This is a fascinating read about a super simple attack vector baked into a common CSV use pattern

The kitchen is starting to feel jungle-y. 🐯 🐒 🌱🌴🌳

Fun evening activity: clean install!

Updated my MacBook Air to High Sierra a few days ago. The update has claimed its first casualty — nvALT will no longer launch. Luckily I store all the data as plain text, so it is still easily accessible.

Running a dangerous gauntlet. Avi is taking a post-dinner, pre-bedtime nap...will we be up at 3 AM? Only time will tell!

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@manton how often does the app query a micropub endpoint for a media endpoint? I enabled one that works with quill but no dice via the micro.blog app. See a “no endpoint” error message.

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AAAAAND I can still post from both quill and micropublish.net!

Fancy new micropub media endpoint!

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Test post from omnibear

Spent a lovely, weirdly warm, fall weekend exploring New England. MA, CT, NH, and back home to ME!

Is anyone else having issues with the App Store running iOS 11.0.2? I can’t update or install any apps. I’ve tried logging out, but to no avail.

Had a blast at the Ashfield fall festival today! Made new friends, ran into old ones and ate a whole heap of maple-y goodness. 🍁

🍂 🍁 🎃

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Web dev in lisp? Sure! I'll try that.

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A fun perk of the bike ride to and from work is that it is a fairly complete exploration of containerization and ocean shipping. We live by a bunch of distribution centers, where large trucks drop off and pickup goods. Right past the warehouses are train tracks that lead to the docks. My office is more or less on the docks, about 2 blocks from the working waterfront were container ships offload and take on cargo.

Biking to work everyday I get to see all the different stages of the process, and if I get stuck waiting at a train crossing, I usually get stuck waiting for the same train again, closer to the water a couple minutes later! 😂

This is fun, strip_tags(html_entity_decode($text));

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Because I made the mistake of engaging with someone on Facebook...

It is sad to see folks say that there is no solution to this issue. Why not? The solutions seem manifold and relatively easy to implement. The solutions, however, rely on government intervention. Is that why you feel these solutions aren’t tenable, Rodney?


Levy a 15% - 25% tax on the sale of all ammunition (this is similar to what we currently do with gasoline and cigarettes). Use the proceeds of this tax to fund a firearms safety and licensure class provided by the ATF, this class could be modeled after the one necessary to become a licensed HAM Radio operator. On top of this offer a 1 - 1 buy-back program for automatic and semi-automatic weapons and their ammunition.

To say this is an issue without resolution is heartbreaking to me. The arguments against enacting gun control in America all seem to be fueled by fear and “what if…” What if we need to rise against the government? What if I need to defend myself? I understand this thinking. I’m the father of a young son, I find myself toeing the line of “what if?” almost daily. The thing is, guns don’t answer for “what if?” They’re a safety blanket. A national comfort object beneath which we hide from bigger and better problems while pretending to be keeping the boogyman at bay. I for one don’t want to live a life governed by fear and “what if?” I want to stand up to the seemingly insurmountable and tackle it head-on.

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Drop-side cribs: 32 infant deaths, deemed too dangerous, banned in USA Guns: 33,000 annual deaths, a fun hobby, available at Wal-Mart

🎨 🖍

In reply to: America's gun problem, explained - Vox

Americans make up about 4.43 percent of the world's population, yet own roughly 42 percent of all the world's privately held firearms.

... yet we share thoughts and prayers.

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All of these table-top game systems look awesome. I'm particularly interested in microscope, which gives players the ability to play a LARGE, temporily sprawling game in the scope of an afternoon.

Come for the sukkah building, stay for the bagels.

In reply to: Oat note, posted September 30, 2017

I think the pi-top offers a solid alternative to chromebooks. Heaps more capable. Get to build yourself, and available for a similar price point. I could foresee an entire curriculum built around this device itself, not merely its use.

In reply to: Caution: Chromebooks – Gary S. Stager, Ph.D. – Medium

Providing students with a Chromebook rather than a proper laptop computer is akin to replacing your school orchestra instruments with kazoos. We live in one of the richest nations in all of history. We can afford a cello and multimedia-capable computer for every child.

Gary Stager continues,

...If Chromebooks were sufficiently powerful, durable, and reliable, I’d endorse their use. When better computers are available at approximately the same price, disempowering kids and confusing teachers seems an imprudent option.

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Whenever I use my raspberry pi I’m struck by what an amazing little machine it is and am lead to wonder what the same hardware designers could accomplish with a pi priced at $100 USD. Would it be even better, or are the constraints why it shines?

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I am always hesitant to use constants in PHP because it feels like yelling. define('YELLING!', '📣')

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🐑 (actually a lama)

Thursday morning selfies. Thanks @khdunphey and @strouter for avicado’s awesome new shirt!

❤️ .htaccess, now you can reach my JSON feed by visiting /feed.php, /feed.json or /feed! Also added a total post count, which is the first step towards adding bona fide pagination to Pneumatic-Post. I've been slowly working towards a big v2 release. It will maintain backwards compatibility while making the entire system heaps more user friendly. #indieweb!

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Kilroy. Dog.

In reply to: macOS 10.13 High Sierra: The Ars Technica review | Ars Technica

Thinking I may be slow to update to macOS 10.13 High Sierra on both my machines. Haven't seen much talk of serious security improvements, but I am Interested in HEIF/HEVC support. I'm a wee bit worried about APFS conversion on the hackintosh, as well as EFI firmware checking and call-back.

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Fun fact: PHP's trim() returns an empty string when the argument is an unset or null function.


🍎 🐐 🕶

I spent part of this morning attempting to explain the subtle intricacies of when we are supposed to wear slippers and when we wear sneakers. Is this being an adult? Enforcing arbitrary rules that, at the end of the day, are totally meaningless?

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In reply to: Karin Pfeiff Boschek (@karinpfeiffboschek) • Instagram photos and videos

Pies meet works of art.

A post shared by Karin Pfeiff Boschek (@karinpfeiffboschek) on

In reply to: Oat note, posted September 16, 2017

Oh hey, look, Alexa in wireless headphones is already (or soon to be) a thing.

twtxt cross compatibility with micro.blog and/or the #indieweb!?

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Lazy New Year vibes

Scheming and secrets. Olly olly oxen free.

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Waffle salad for dinner! A pretty great innovation. Also, cashew cream is mad delicious.

I wonder if Panic can make Transmit/Coda for iOS document providers so folks can have ftp access via files.app?

🙌  Liked: Installation · DDMAL/diva.js Wiki · GitHub

In reply to: Web truths: CSS is not real programming | Christian Heilmann

CSS development isn’t programming in the traditional sense where you have loops, conditions and variables. CSS is going that direction to a degree and Sass paved the way. But the most needed skill in CSS is not syntax. It is to understand what interfaces you describe with it. And how to ensure that they are flexible enough that users can’t do things wrong and get locked out. You can avoid a lot of code when you understand HTML and use CSS to style it.


A lot of “CSS is not real programming” arguments are a basic misunderstanding what CSS is there to achieve. If you want full control over and interface and strive for pixel perfection – don’t use it. If you want to build an interface for an inclusive and diverse web, CSS is a great tool. Writing CSS is describing interfaces and needs empathy with the users. It is not about turning a Photoshop file into a web interface. It requires a different skillset and attitude of the maintainer and initial programmer than a backend language would.

So much 🙌 for this.

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Been wicked foggy all weekend, but also unseasonably warm. Had a blast biking around, exploring playgrounds and playing under tables. Now, back to work before Rosh Hashanah!

🙌  Liked: Ind.ie — Ethical Design Manifesto

In reply to: Donald Barthelme - Wikipedia

I'm happy to have rediscovered a book of short stories by Donald Barthelme. They're quick, electric feeling, and eminently readable.

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An after breakfast snooze.

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Dear Amazon,

Me again. Hope you are well. You could also bring Alexa to the car, maybe even as an aftermarket add-on.


Dear Amazon,

Your next Echo device should be a pair of wireless headphones.


🙌  Liked: 'Riding On A Train With Square Wheels': A Space 'Mutiny' Aboard Skylab | Here & Now

Do you manage a heap of ssh keys and the like? Just like playing with new services? Would you like an invite to keybase? I've got a heap to share! I've been using the service for a bit over a year now and have been really pleased with it. GPG/PGP FTW!

I've spent a heap of time writing and learning about .htaccess rewrite rules today. Excited to implement prettier URLs and more predictable API query strings across projects!

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Why I'm working with HistoryIT to #savehistory

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{ } are the new < >

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In reply to: empressfinal

Been playing a lot of twine games lately. Anyone have any recommendations?

Fun fact: a kids bike seat doubles as a sail. This can work both for and against a rider. In related news, my legs are jelly.

🙌  Liked: underscore.js

Sublime Text 3.0 features many new features and improvements...also a new icon. Griping about change is a bit passé, but here I am. Gripers gotta gripe. I realize that this is only a logo, and that they can be changed by the user...but this is a demonstrably terrible logo. Firstly, the old logo communicated something about the app. It was a key cap, much like the ones that must be tapped and poked to use sublime text. This new logo is abstract to the point of near meaninglessness. And while icons needn't always carry meaning this icon seems a little blind to what meaning it edges against. Beyond being vaguely reminiscent of the "cool s", it also looks a heap like a broken capital N, or, you know, a bit like the insignia of the Schutzstaffel, or SS. Does any of this matter in the long run? Probably not, but iconography can help to shape the personality of a product (see Susan Kare's work for Apple). Product design and app development aren't purely technical. There is also a good bit of theatre involved. The set needs to be dressed.

Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something

— Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

In reply to: Apple’s LTE-enabled Watch could be a wearable watershed moment | TechCrunch

I'm due for a new phone. My aged iPhone 6 Plus' screen is shattered and the body is bent (but it still works!), and while the iPhone X is exciting, I can't justify the expense now that I'm squarely a web developer, so I think I'll go with an iPhone 7 Plus or maybe an 8 Plus. The announcement I'm most struck by from today's event, however, is the Apple Watch 3. I'm heaps interested to see what the introduction of cellular connectivity does for the device. How will app developers be able to take advantage of this new found connectivity?

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Card based interfaces, FTW

🙌  Liked: Introducing Atom-IDE | blog.atom.io

What happens if you keep your face covered (e.g. wearing a veil)? Can you still use face id?

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I 💖 vim sessions.


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Tonight's sleeping arrangement may very well prove that Bashi is one of the most patient dogs ever.

If you dig comics I highly recommend Motor Girl, by Terry Moore. It is one of the best I've read in a while. Captivating storyline that toes serious issues while remaining comically whimsical, well told, well rendered and perfectly paced. I'm excited to see where the series goes. It isn't as fully-formed as Saga, but I feel like it sure up with a few more runs.

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In reply to: 07/09/2017, 07:56 – Social Thoughts

@colinwalker.blog 🎉 💯 Are there tools in particular you want to build, ideas you have? The perk of this community is there are most certainly folks who can help.

🙌  Liked: Hurricane Irma: A Practically Impossible Storm | WIRED

Look at it this way: If Godzilla emerged from the ocean and laid waste to Houston, then a week later did the same in the Caribbean, and then attacked Miami with atomic breath, the US government would learn to build giant Godzilla-fighting mech suits lickety-split. "We’ve had two outlier, extreme hurricanes back to back. If that doesn’t raise red flags, I don’t know what would," Kossin says.

🙌  Liked: Flamingos In The Men's Room: How Zoos And Aquariums Handle Hurricanes : NPR

🙌  Liked: phpSysInfo

🙌  Liked: Anne Frank Center on Twitter: "A nation should treat its children as a nation would expect parents to treat their children. That's why ending DACA is national child abuse."

🙌  Liked: Optimizing web servers for high throughput and low latency | Dropbox Tech Blog

Set up miniflux as a podcast feedreader/player this evening. Still in love with Overcast, but I thought it'd be fun to role my own podcast solution to fiddle with for a while.

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🙌  Liked: Homebrew Website Club | Manton Reece

Waiting for this train to cross the road. This very long very slow train. 🚂

🙌  Liked: When Will Voyager Stop Calling Home? - The Atlantic

In reply to: Pondering Doc Searls’ Thoughts about blogging – Social Thoughts

@colinwalker.blog and others are posting interesting thoughts on the state of blogging. I've read and re-read this particular post. Working out something. Still not 100% certain where I'm headed with this, but something that I keep thinking about is analytics and how it relates to readership.

I don't use Google Analytics, but I'm able to get a rough idea of visits by watching traffic hit my server. I use webalizer to handle that. You can find 2 months worth of those stats at eli.li/navel-gazing. The bulk of my traffic seems to be RSS. I imagine that is because that is how my site posts to Micro.blog.

In his post, Colin Walker notes that "Social platforms claim to be powered by engagement but it's the wrong kind of engagement," and, if I can step in, the wrong kind of engagement in that social networks are predicated on devouring attention. Attention equals time spent on that social network during which you can be served ads.

The indieweb and blogging are also vying for folks attention, but not for the sake of advertising. Blogging is sort of like doing semaphore into a crowd and hoping someone knows how to answer. You flail your wordy-arms hopping to get someones attention. Why?

Leaning existential

I'd say to participate in a community. I'd say to build breadcrumbs of one's daily life. I like the idea of a blog as a personal timeline. A timeline of the significant, and the mundane.

Anyways...analytics. I thought it interesting that one way social networks keep folks engaged is through showing folks how their posts are doing, either through likes, favs, or easily digestible analytics. Meanwhile, does knowing how many page views your blog is getting help? Does it make you feel heard?

I think bona fide responses are the only real way to gain that feeling...someone taking the time to work out a reply. Conversation is the ticket for blogging and the indieweb. I know I get warm fuzzies when I see a webmention come in that is a reply, not just a like. I think micro.blog is a good layer to the blogging ecosystem because it empowers conversation. Reduces the friction.

...of course, replies are usually contingent on worthwhile content.

BUT! On that note, a return: "...does it make you feel heard?" Does that matter? Is that the goal?

It probably doesn't need to be so defined. Sometimes you just wanna write, albeit into the void. Case and point, see above.

🙌  Liked: GitHub - jupeter/clean-code-php: Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP

🙌  Liked: Voyager - The Interstellar Mission

40 years and counting!

I've been thinking a lot about how I structure projects lately. Not just from a technical standpoint, but also from the point of view of someone inheriting my code. Been trying to keep folder structures simple and readable. Hopefully alleviating the need for some wicked complex source-map.

├── assets
│   ├── css
│   ├── images
│   └── js
├── index.php
└── php
    ├── config.php
    ├── includes
    └── lib

First day of big-kid daycare today!

The bar next to my office polyurethaned their floors last night without any ventilation so the fumes all vented back into my office. 😵

🙌  Liked: What Does the IndieWeb Mean to Me? – Miklb's Mindless Ramblings

In reply to: Miklb's Mindless Ramblings

@miklb.com/author/miklb/ can you describe what you mean by taxonomies? In what context?

🙌  Liked: Washington State Loves These Traffic Maps Made With Microsoft Paint - CityLab

Good bye DuckDuckGo powered site search, hello home-grown solution! This is a lot more reliable because it doesn't rely on third party indexing...it is a bit clunky, but it gets the job done. I'm not heaps excited by datatables.net, but this seems as a good a use as any for it. May see if I can migrate to something a bit lighter weight down the road. Maybe list.js?

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Having a great weekend so far. Spent most of Saturday exploring different playgrounds around Portland, today we wandered around downtown before the rain started and then hung out with some buds at the children's museum! Tomorrow we'll relish in the extra day of weekendy-goodness before Tuesday, when this dude starts at pre-school!

Gray day spent exploring Portland, ME

One can make almost anything out of cashews. Cashew cream == win

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🙌  Liked: This Tiny Country Feeds the World

In reply to: Oat note, posted September 3, 2017

Oh, and reading comics and Kindle books. That's a big one.

Not having my phone (because I broke it) has lead me to realize that I really only use it for a limited number of tasks: 1) testing things at work, 2) texting with about 7 people, 3) checking the weather, 4) reading RSS feeds, 5) taking photos, 6) jotting down quick notes, and, perhaps most importantly 7) listening to podcasts.

Lazy loading almost defeated me with 2d10 +8 damage, but I survived the constitution saving throw. Time for a long weekend (+3)

Today I'll be staring at and writing, re-writing and re-re-writing 5 lines of code over and over again.

Whenever we receive a package.

I guess bend-gate is real because my iPhone 6 Plus is officially bent...a lot. But still works! 🎉

I like binge listening to an entire run of a podcast and noticing how the audio quality changes. Usually from atrocious to bearable. Occasionally to superb...but so so rarely.

Tonight was Tata's last in the USA before moving to Spain! We had a blast wandering the streets of Portland, and drinking a whole lot of milkshakes. 🇪🇸

Farm fresh...Amazon Echos?

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Pedometer++ is one of my absolute favorite apps. Version 3.0 does not disappoint! It brings some really great new features and polish to an already rock-solid app. I have noticed some performance issues associated with this new version, but I'm certain they'll be ironed out ASAP.

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I think this is a hella good idea. The default convention with svn is to use "trunk." I like that it is evocative of trees and elephants rather than slavery.

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At some point in the past I decided it was very important to set up multiple alerts for national marshmallow toasting day. I get a similar series of alerts for George Washington Carvers' birthday.

Major parenting accomplishment: Virginia said "wolf" while reading Avi a bedtime story. He immediately leapt from bed saying "wuf, wuf, wuf." A few seconds later he returned to bed carrying a magnet with Virginia Woolf on it!

Bashi is taking this round of "the floor is lava" to the next level.

Why aren't voice-assistant-tube-friends a bigger deal in cars? Wouldn't Alexa be the bees knees in a car? Out of the kitchen! Take to the roads!


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Mother in-law gave us an echo show. Pretty fun! I thought it'd be creepier, but it is wicked easy to disable a lot of the creep 👀 I foresee mostly using it for music and podcasts.

I was excited to try aftershokz bone conduction headphones. They've been tried. They sound great but are wicked difficult to wear (at least for me) while wearing glasses, which is something I sort of have to do. Gonna return 'em unless anyone wants to trade or buy 'em from me? 🎧

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An evening in Portland, ME