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In a way, it’s a silo—a central info container. Silos make it easy. You go there and dump stuff in. But, here in the Indieweb, we want No Central. We want Decentral. Which is more difficult because all these little sites and blogs out there have to work together—that’s tough!

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In Romania, the greatest threat to life today is not poverty, climate change or al-Qa'eda. It's moving air. Fans, air conditioning and open windows are not - as I had thought - useful mechanisms to generate a nice breeze, or give a little respite as summer temperatures climb to around 40 degrees. They are weapons of mass destruction.


It turned out that "cur-rent", or the draught that circulates when two windows are open, is blamed in Romania for almost every ill one can think of. Toothache, headache, cold, flu, meningitis, paralysis, even death - all are apparently the result of moving air. This was solemnly confirmed to me by Vasile's mum, who has just retired from a 30-year career as a nurse.

Fog and bike

Fog and sea

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Micro.blog or bust!

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Alice Fraser — Savage Act I. Part one of a podcast in three parts.


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I think computers have completely blown it with discovery. The smartest minds have all been working on this for decades now and it has been a disaster. The question to me now is just: how do we equip our librarians? And I tend to think that we don’t need anything more—our technology is totally under-utilized.

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[...] every family is considered an island that must provision for itself. The idea of designing a neighborhood for families as part of a public good just goes against the whole way we think about family life.

Family life has become so stressed in this country. That’s connected to the way we design cities, and to things like commute times, not having communal play spaces, and having streets be unsafe. All of those things take more of the parents’ time or money to navigate, because the child can’t do it on their own. [If you said,] “We want to build a family-friendly city,” it would seem almost un-American.

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In which we review some chocolate.

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Reading this thread is like reading a cubist rendition of Veils. I love it.

We had a lot of fun exploring Portsmouth, NH this morning. We’ve driven through, and grabbed a bite to eat a few times but we’d never taken the time to wander the city. It was fun ambling around the nearly colonial-era streets.

Quick day trip to New Hampshire. Live free and die.

Poopn’ next to a car that costs about what our house cost.

Shadow friends, the animated version!

More Bug Light

I found one @kitt!!!

"Bug light" in South Portland, ME is a teeny tiny, but very beautiful lighthouse.

You can just see Mt. Washington!

Shadow friends



User Stories. I enjoy writing them, and doing so is a significant chunk of my job. I also read a fair number of them. I've noticed that a lot of people use the form:

While the first form fulfills the basic needs of a user story—describing the interaction between person and application—it doesn't offer much insight into why the person is doing whatever it is that they're doing. While this info isn't always directly relevant to the application, I think providing that info to developer is important because it a) reminds the developer that they're making something for a person, and not just solving some abstract problem, and b) that the problem being solved usually exists within a larger context.

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I've updated m.b.wiki.eli.li to include search and tagging! It is now hopefully a bit more useful. More updates soon!

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Tonight we ate fresh falafel, donuts and ice cream by the ocean.

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