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Also, is another take-home moral form this incident that cryptocurrency is making the internet terrible? I think so.

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So right now, we are in a weird valley where you have a bunch of dependencies that are "maintained" by someone who's lost interest, or is even starting to burnout, and that they no longer use themselves. You can easily share the code, but no one wants to share the responsibility for maintaining that code. Like a module is like a piece of digital property, a right that can be transferred, but you don't get any benefit owning it, like being able to sell or rent it, however you still retain the responsibility.

[...] When you depend on something, you should take part in maintaining it.

All of this NPM bruhaha has me wondering, what does a better solution look like? NPM has always been a reason I'm wary of modern JS dev. The whole ecosystem seems contingent on NPM as its central rail -- what happens when it is bought, hacked, or just flakes? I pretend that quicklisp does it better, but I am really not sure, tbh. Is a centralized package manager always going to be a or even the central point of failure for a wider ecosystem? I regularly use a bunch of different package managers across a few different languages, is one better than the other? At the end of the day is their a better model to follow?

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In many ways, Pokémon embodies everything good and appealing about video games. It touches on the social and competitive elements that fuel the likes of Fortnite, while presenting a world all its own. Pokémon manages the rare trick of having immense kid appeal while nevertheless possessing the depth to sustain adult interest.

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One of the most impactful policies on human behavior has actually been removing most of the street parking space inside the pedestrian-priority area. “We found that almost 60 percent of vehicles circulating inside town were actually going around in circles trying to find a parking spot. Now, since they know they won’t be able to park, they have stopped bringing their cars in and they use the outer parking areas,” Mosquera explained.

Cold, wet beach-fun

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I live my life at the sink now; if you need me I’ll be doing dishes.

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Sometimes you’ve gotta build with blocks while wearing a raincoat, rain boots, and a hat.

Vegetarian household saddled with uneaten turkey 🤦‍♂️

This feels like the setup for a sitcom


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Black Friday, that special time of year where I unsubscribe from as many email lists as I can. 📧 💀

Another snow day! ❄️ ⛄️

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