A digital pillow fort

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In reply to: Freddish, the special language Mister Rogers used when talking to children

Freddish, not only good for speaking with children.

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Parade watchers

Parade! 🎉

And then all the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors went off at 1 AM and wouldn't stop so we called the fire department.

...better safe than sorry.

Epilogue, all the detectors were alerting us to the fact that we'd left windows open and that it was now foggy inside of our house.

Big day of biking, eating, walking, playing, and riding the narrow gauge railway! We bike by the train museum ALL THE TIME, but finally made time to go for a ride today.

The Denver-based family folks came to see the ocean.

The relative accomplishment index:

In reply to: Trombone + loop machine

I'd add Kishi Bashi to this list, too. 💯

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Oh mysterious keeper of iCloud Sync explain to me your weird and fickle ways? Why, after years of keeping my bookmarks in sync across many computers and my phone why did you today decide to delete all but 2 of my bookmarks from my phone?

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In reply to: Against the Straw, the World's Most Disposable Product - CityLab

But, like everything else that’s easy, cheap, and pleasurable, using a straw is fundamentally wrong. Straws consume a lot of energy to produce and distribute for vanishingly little purpose. Billions wind up in the trash without ever being opened.

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WWDC wish list:

Play hard. Nap hard.

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Trunk potty party people watching downtown

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How did I not know that you can copy requests as cURL in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari's dev. tools!?

In reply to: In praise of doing nothing

Much research – and many spiritual and philosophical systems Buddhism, for example, suggest that detaching from daily concerns and spending time in simple reflection and contemplation are essential to health, sanity and personal growth.

Note that the "nothing" referenced here is a really big "nothing," that sort of includes everything.

In reply to: Will Silicon Valley's new company towns end up as failed utopias?

The problem is that this model now reflects a view popular in Silicon Valley that sees tech companies as progressive agents solving problems beyond governmental oversight. This worldview, in part, descends from the long history of utopian communities.

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In reply to: Scott Pruitt's desk is more impressive than yours

A large desk can increase the physical separation between manager and others, thereby supporting the symbolic or hierarchical distance between the two. Thus, desks can be used to reinforce the legitimacy and authority of a manager.

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