No worries! Seeing a bunch of your content for a second time got me thinking about how much of online communication happens in the space of one or two transactional-loops. It has been interesting watching you and {h0p3} have a sort of multi-media hypertext exchange that is bigger than the average IndieWeb ping-pong.

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Kicks Condor


Yeah, I think it is exciting—so much of the Web has been focused on messaging for the past decade, that it’s lost some of the overall feeling of hypertext in some ways. It feels like there is a lot of room to explore still.

For instance, I’ve run into this problem (well, this ‘problem’) where I quote something that has relevant footnotes and annotations—and it’s fine, the quote survives—but I wish it could survive the transplant better. (This is similar to the problem of posts losing all their styling when they are syndicated in any fashion.)

These discussions also are not just amorphous blobs—they have foci and intersections. Sometimes I wish there were Indieweb-like wiki pages that we could mutually edit in the spaces between the discussion. (And that anyone else could join on.)

Your thing about transactional loops: I think that’s part of what I’m trying to solve right now by moving away from datestamped links to wiki URLs. I’m envious of h0p3’s ability to refer back to pages again and again—so major updates to old pages will now come back in the blog stream. I am moving away from mere recency, maybe that will help? Thankyou for the dispatch!

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