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Hello Indieweb!

I’ve been interested in the ethos of indieweb ever since I stumbled upon the IndieWebCamp reading Amber Cases Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology researching for my thesis work. That was in 2014 and 15.

Since then I haven’t done much other than keep an eye on the community’s IRC logs, and website. Then, a couple weeks ago, Manton Reese launched micro.blog! Boom, I had impetus to dive into indieweb.

Micro.blog is built around a few of the core principles of the indieweb. Sidenote: is it the indieweb,” or just indieweb?” …either way — Micro.blog allows you to post content on your own website, and then syndicates that content back to itself. Out of the box micro.blog supports its own hosted service and wordpress blogs. My first foray was to setup a wordpress blog following the instructions on the indieweb wiki.

I loathe wordpress. I use it for a lot of client work, but mostly because it is expected. I think wordpress is overwrought for most usecases, and, whenever possible, I try to avoid needing to maintain a database unless it is absolutely necessary. From the get-go I was tepid towards wordpress. My attitude towards wordpress pushed me to try to find another solution, which has thrown me headlong into the indieweb-world.

I won’t detail the entire journey here, but here it is in brief.

  • At first I tried to modify yellow, the CMS I was using to run eli.li at the time
  • Then Manton Reese released another thing: jsonfeed. That lead me to step away from yellow and start building my very own something, based entirely on JSON
  • What I landed on is a loose jumble of PHP scripts that I call Pneumatic Post. It is by no means pretty, or perfect, or even done, but it is getting the job done, and I’m excited to keep working on it

Pneumatic Post is basic. It allows folks to create new posts (either micro blog entires, articles, image posts, or replies (other types to come as needed)), save these posts as plain text JSON files (example), and then render these JSON files in a few different places.

Right now there is minimal support for webmentions, but I’m hoping to expand it soon. The BIG missing piece is micropub support. I’ve gone over the spec. a number of time, but I haven’t cracked that nut. That’ll be the next major feature. Once micropub is implemented, I’ll destroy my lazy-man’s method of posting, and just use something like quill.

SO, on that note — do you have a solid grasp of micropub? I’d love to talk with someone and see if I can figure it out.

I am wicked excited to keep playing with all things indieweb, and to interact with the community a bit. Over the next few days I’ll keep working to clean things up here a bit, and migrate some of my old blog posts here so it isn’t so barren.