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Considering miniflux as an alternative to tt-rss, my long-time self-hosted feedreader of choice. So far miniflux is really nice.

It was wicked easy to install, seems to be heaps faster than tt-rss (I’ll chalk that up to it’s using SQLite as opposed to MySQL), and ships with an easy-to-use REST api!

RSS feeds are a big part of my digital-being. At the moment a sizable chunk of my professional life is tied up in tt-rss because it is how I keep tabs on all the projects I manage (essentially funneling git commits and issues to RSS feeds). On the personal side of things, more or less all of my indieweb workflow stems from tt-rss. With about 2 minutes of work, however, I’ve gotten all of my worky stuff set back up with miniflux, and I’m excited to play with the api and see how I can potentially indieweb-ify it.

In other news, today we went for a quick hike, ate lunch in town, and continued to pack up our stuff. Moving in a few weeks!