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All well and good but, as I’ve mentioned before, we still end up with a fragmented landscape — the data and the conversation around it are two distinctly different things.

Colin continues,

The open web relates to non-proprietary, standards based publishing of content, the technologies behind it, and the ability to both produce and consume it anywhere.

The indieweb takes that further. Over course, it promotes and relies on the open web but recognises that the closed web exists, plays a large part of people’s lives, and tries to integrate with it.

That last bit took me a while to see. At first I was fairly down and cozy with walking away from big silos, like Facebook and Twitter, but quickly realized that also means walking away from a lot of people, too. It means walking away from diversity interests, gender, age, nationality, access to the internet, etc. Whilst the indieweb community itself seems to be fairly insular (this isn’t necessarily to say homogeneous,” but maybe?) it’s principles and tech. seek to embrace the diversity of voice that the web can support.

Moving forward I hope that the indieweb is able to help bridge the various walled gardens of the internet, as opposed to creating a new one.