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Building on my last note, the indieweb is currently an insular-ish community because there is a technical wall that needs to be scaled before you can enter into the community. I think this technical hurdle turns the indieweb into a de facto walled garden of sorts because a whole heap of folks are locked out.

Is there a solution to this? Simpler tech, engaging UI, and clear documentation for certain, but I also think projects like beaker browser offer a groovy way forward. What if participating in the indieweb was as simple as downloading an app? What if there was no need to necessarily own a domain name (this part could be debatable) or worry about hosting providers?

Beaker browser is a peer-to-peer web browser. What I’m wondering is what if we could leverage the same tech. behind beaker browser to create a peer-to-peer social network that was built using indieweb standards and was all bundled in an app?

…note, there are defo flaws in this — data integrity and spam prevention being high on this list, but, I’m into this as a thought experiment.