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IndieWeb podcast club

…like a book club, but for podcasts, and distributed over the indieweb.

Anyone interested?

Here is how I imagine it would work. You listen to a podcast, you enjoy the podcast or have thoughts otherwise about it. You blog about said podcast on your indieweb compatible or at least indieweb-friendly website…perhaps including a call out somewhere in the text or title of the post marking it as an indieweb podcast club post. Others read your post, listen to the same podcast and engage in conversation.

🎧 📱 ♣️

There has been some chatter about blogrolls (which do not sound wicked delicious) and web-rings lately. I think something like what I’ve proposed could be an interesting take on the traditional web-ring because it is more of an informal social-graph than it is a ring of connected blogs. Nested Venn diagrams. Here, blogs aren’t connected, individual posts are connected by a shared topic/interest. It may also be a way of including folks not in the indieweb in indieweb-couched conversations.

I’ve noticed that the indieweb community seems to be a bit navelgaze-y. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hot to talk about indieweb-tech until the cows come home, but I think it a good idea to talk about things beyond the indieweb on the indieweb to make sure we continue to innovate and iterate on the indieweb.

Are you interested? Have any ideas about how to make this work? I’m thinking the best way is just to give it a go and see what happens. Maybe we can talk about plumbing once we have some stuff to push around in our pipes? With that borderline gross sentence, I’m going to go listen to some podcasts.