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Podcasts I listen to, as of June 22nd, 2017

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Here is a list of the ones I try to keep up with, listening to new episodes within a week or so of their being released.

  • The Bugle, a political comedy podcast. Generally hilarious, especially if you enjoy puns and/or cricket. I know nothing about cricket, but still enjoy this podcast.
  • Core Intuition, a two dudes talking to each other style tech podcast.
  • The Allusionist, a podcast that explores language, how it works, where it comes from and sort of where it is going, too
  • Unorthodox, lets me feel like I’m participating in jewish life despite living in rural Maine (where there are no other jews)
  • Serious Issues: A Comic Book Podcast, a weekly comic book round-up podcast. I’ll admit that I don’t typically make it all the way through each episode 🇦🇺
  • The Weekly Planet, a two dudes talking to each other style pop culture podcast 🇦🇺
  • the memory palace, an absolutely gorgeous semi-narrative history podcast. This podcast brings the format closer to poetry than anything else 💯
  • Reply All, a more traditional radio-style podcast focused on the internet and internet culture. Lately they’ve been pretty focused on hacking and surveillance. I’m enjoying the weird narrative bits they’ve started to include at the end of each episode
  • Upgrade, a two dudes talking to each other style tech podcast on the relay.fm network. I think I’m a bit addicted to the cult of personality that orbits relay.fm because I listen to a heap of their shows. I often listen to relay shows whilst working, so the hosts of relay shows sort of feel like co-worker background noise at this point
  • The History of Rome, it is all in the title. Monologue style
  • Israel Story, like This American Life, but Israeli. The show pulls its punches sometimes. It’ll creep right up to a big, hairy issue, but then tends to back away. I appreciate that it tends to be individually-focused, though, so helps to humanize the macro-level issue of the region
  • Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, weird but excellent. I like that some episodes are difficult to trust. The show toes the line between reportage and narrative…
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, a podcast reading through each Harry Potter book, chapter by chapter, and using the mechanisms of a divinity school education to deconstruct the passage
  • Under the Radar, a two dudes talking to each other style tech podcast, focused on the specifics of indie app development. I like that they also address peripheral concerns, like accounting and booking and QA
  • Roboism, light on content but hands down has the best closing theme of any podcast I’ve found 🤷‍♂️
  • The Run Loop, a two dudes talking to each other style tech podcast. The host interviews a different indie app developer each episodes. Seems really dude heavy for an interview show (got to chat with Collin, the host, on micro.blog, and he noted that he’s working hard to interview a more diverse range of folk. Right after posting this he actually released a fantastic episode where he interviewed Laura Savino), but the show does surface some great stories from the trenches of app development
  • Medieval History for Fun and Profit, a two ladies talking to each other style history podcast! Professorial hosts do their best to address any and all questions about life in medieval times
  • Song Exploder, a musician, composer or band breaks down one of their songs piece by piece in each episode
  • Accidental Tech Podcast, a three dudes talking to each other style tech podcast. The one and the only. I may be in love with John Siracusa
  • Analog(ue), a two dudes talking to each other style touchy-feely-techy life podcast
  • Connected, a three dudes talking to each other style tech podcast…writing this list I’m starting to realize that I listen to WAY to many shows like this
  • Invisibilia, an NPR powerhouse
  • Robot or Not?, a podcast that explores whether or not something is a robot or not…lately they’ve been branching out into other topics, but always couched in the format of this this an x, or not
  • Originality, an interestingly formatted interview podcast exploring creativity, creative work, and the creative folks fueling it all
  • 99% Invisible, Roman Mars. The man. The myth. The legend. I’ll admit, lately I’ve felt the show is a little off the rails. I’ve been enjoying their written content a lot more than the podcasts of late
  • Planet Money, I enjoy that this podcast is typically news adjacent. You are involved with learning about current events without necessarily having to face said events head-on
  • Reconcilable Differences, see my aforementioned love of J. Siracusa
  • Saga Thing, a two dudes talking to each other style podcast. Professorial hosts are working their way through all the sagas of the Icelanders, and judging them a la X-Factor. Inspired by the Rex Factor podcast (see below). This is one of my favorite podcasts 💯
  • Canvas, a two dudes talking to each other style iPad/iOS productivity podcast. The hosts really wade into the deep end of iOS. I find this podcast useful for my work, since the show does a great job of breaking down iOS power features
  • jesuitical, in all honesty, I don’t know why I listen to this show…I guess as a window into a slightly different, albeit still liberal, worldview
  • Slate Presents Lexicon Valley, a linguistics and language focused podcast, if I wasn’t compulsive I’d probably drop this show
  • Rex Factor, a two dudes talking to each other style podcast. Amateur historian and his funny-buddy are reviewing all the kings and queens of the UK. In the first (multi-year) season they made their way through all the monarchs of England, this season they are working through the monarch of Scotland 💯
  • Do Go On, this is my favorite podcast at the moment. It is hilarious. It is Australian. I cannot run and listen to this podcast at the same time, because I am typically doubled over in laughter. Each episode one of the three hosts presents on a topic, the other hosts intervene 🇦🇺 💯
  • Human/Ordinary, another amazing podcast, similar yet very different from the memory palace 🇦🇺
  • Pod Save America, because sometimes the choir needs to be preached to. Political
  • Download, a weekly roundtable tech news show
  • On the Media, because the medium is so often the message. This show takes a critical look at how the media is covering current events
  • Reasonably Sound, another one of my favorite. This show is, simply put, about sound. A nice introduction to contemporary critical theory
  • Imaginary Worlds, a podcast about stories, the worlds in them, and how they relate to and shape our world
  • The Adventure Zone, a DnD podcast. I started at episode one anticipating a ruckus, sort of vulgar romp, which the show certainly delivers, but this podcast is so much more. I honestly think they’re at the bleeding edge of a new type of narrative storytelling
  • Remaster, all about video games because I like listening to people talk about them more than I like playing them
  • Team Human, again, because sometimes the choir needs to be preached to. Political-ish, tech-ish, wields a bit of social theory from time to time, to

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