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The big move, part 2

Today we closed on the new place in Portland! We’ll move in over the next week or so, then, starting the second week of August, I’m full-tilt into my new job 🎉🍍🎈

Living in the cabin has been trying at times, but also a blast. Because the cabin is tiny, doesn’t have a kitchen or running water we’ve spent heaps of time in the woods, in town, and adventuring. We’ve fallen in love with the island all over again — all while remaining excited to move to the city. We’ve spent loads of time with friends, eaten great food and gone on miles and miles of walks.

Once we get settled in the new place I’m looking forward to jumping back in to the indieweb community, but also getting to know some folks in the Portland area. Thinking of starting a local Homebrew Website Club 🤷‍♀️🖥

Transitioning to the new job will be an adventure. I’m pepped to take on a more technical position, but know I’ll still be thinking like a project manager and product designer. Over the next few days, beside moving, I’m hoping to read a heap of documentation, best practices, and other orientation materials I’ve been amassing. There seems to be a plethora of info about transitioning from web to mobile platforms, but not a lot the other way, so I’ve been focused on more general aspects: architectures, intros to AWS (I’m weirdly unfamiliar with AWS), anything and everything written by Martin Fowler

…other than that stuff, I haven’t been reading heaps. It is dark in the cabin in the evenings. I did read Valerian & Laureline, vol 2. The Empire of a Thousand Planets…which I’d describe exactly as I described vol 1.

méh to bad, but supposedly a classic of sorts. I like the coloring, though. If they fall into my lap I’ll probably read more

The colors are gorgeous. The pencils are clean. The art is fairly rich for the most part, but toes the line of being exploitative whenever Laureline is involved. The story…the story is like an episode in the middle of a season of Start Trek The Next Generation that starts with Data talking to his cat.

I’ve got Paper Girls, vol. 1 lined up next.

While I haven’t read heaps. I’ve listened to a load of podcasts lately. Some recent highlights include: