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Spending a lot of time with a toddler results in my being aware of transitions. Spotting them from a galaxy away is quickly becoming a sort of superpower. Transitions are often difficult for Avi—from park to stroller, from stroller to house, from playing to supper. Entering into a transition with intention makes them easier. They can be choreographed to go more smoothly.

I don’t think Avi is unique in finding transitions troubling or difficult. They are just straight-up difficult sometimes. We recently moved. Major transition. I recently started a new job. Major transition. Perhaps toddlers are willing to more clearly articulate the difficulty of transitions because they’re less able to actually articulate what is going on. Transitions are often inflicted on toddlers (e.g. I say it is time for supper despite Avi’s having a blast at the park, such is the dictate of adult-timed life).

I’ve observed that transitions can be made easier when Avi has a little bit of say in them. Granted, I can’t necessarily allow him the freedom to stay at the playground for hours on end, but I can offer a supplemental choice mid-transition.

Example: It is time to leave the park. I let Avi choose how he wants to leave. Either in the stroller or on my shoulders. It seems weird, but this almost always helps. Rather than our leaving the park, we’re doing a new activity…something sort of his choosing…either riding in the spaceship-stroller or pretending to ride a dinosaur!

Why are transitions difficult? I don’t really wanna go down that route because I have no clue, nor am I a psychologist and I don’t want to tread on Malcolm Gladwells pop-psychological shoes.

I think transitions are difficult though. I’m gonna run with that.


Enter the model-of-a-modern-American-media-landscape.

Before Avi was born I often thought about having children…never did I think I’d be worried about said-thought-children having to live in a world where literal Nazis murdered people in the streets. But here we are. Here I am.

Which brings me back to transitions and how difficult they can be. It is my hope that things are currently difficult because they’re transitioning from here to better.

Today ▁▂▄▆█ Tomorrow

As opposed to

Today █▇▅▄▂ Tomorrow

I wonder if there is a way to guarantee that this difficult transition goes well (which is to say Nazis stop murdering people in the street”…and maybe stop being Nazis, too)?

This isn’t a fully formed thought. I don’t really have anything profound or particularly insightful to end this post with. There are organizers out there doing amazing work. Brave work. 🙌

Stepping up, showing up, seems wicked important right now. Figuring out how to do that in a meaningful way is the task at hand I suppose.