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Because I made the mistake of engaging with someone on Facebook…

It is sad to see folks say that there is no solution to this issue. Why not? The solutions seem manifold and relatively easy to implement. The solutions, however, rely on government intervention. Is that why you feel these solutions aren’t tenable, Rodney?


Levy a 15% - 25% tax on the sale of all ammunition (this is similar to what we currently do with gasoline and cigarettes). Use the proceeds of this tax to fund a firearms safety and licensure class provided by the ATF, this class could be modeled after the one necessary to become a licensed HAM Radio operator. On top of this offer a 1 - 1 buy-back program for automatic and semi-automatic weapons and their ammunition.

To say this is an issue without resolution is heartbreaking to me. The arguments against enacting gun control in America all seem to be fueled by fear and what if…” What if we need to rise against the government? What if I need to defend myself? I understand this thinking. I’m the father of a young son, I find myself toeing the line of what if?” almost daily. The thing is, guns don’t answer for what if?” They’re a safety blanket. A national comfort object beneath which we hide from bigger and better problems while pretending to be keeping the boogyman at bay. I for one don’t want to live a life governed by fear and what if?” I want to stand up to the seemingly insurmountable and tackle it head-on.