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With Christmas wrapping, and New Years fast approaching, I anticipate I’ll start to see heaps of blog posts and think pieces about New Year’s resolutions. Figured I’d throw my 🎩 into the ring this year, and make a proposal to the indieweb/micro.blog community.


Resolutions are fine-and-dandy, accountability is certainly where rubber hits road, but the buddy-system is for rockstars (once a camp-counselor, always a camp counselor). I’d like to propose that folks share a list of their resolutions in order to find one or two other folks with similar or identical resolutions. Then, on a weekly—or maybe monthly—basis, those groups of folks with shared resolutions can keep each other accountable, and share encouragement through blogging about their progress and experiences (probably around the last week of the month). Interested?

My Resolutions

  1. To read a heap of books, both fiction and non-fiction. At least a book a month (with some wiggle room if anything is wicked long)
  2. Make time to exercise at least three times a week (I used to be wicked good about this, but hanging with a toddler has thrown a wrench in this of late…thinking of ways to include the little one)
  3. Contribute to at least 2 open source projects (either documentation, pull requests, or bug fixes (more than just making bug reports))