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2017 has been a year full of transitions. Many good, some not so.

Transitionsshifting from one state to the next, water to ice, steam to rain, moving from one place to another, putting away our toys to go to school — transitions can be rough. They’re liminal, like ghosts or ghouls, and often represent those moments where life feels up in the air. Precarious, uncertain…

…and sometimes exciting.

I’ve tried to dive headlong into the uncertainty this past year, but know I’ve spent a heap of it in panic. I’m a planner, spontaneity isn’t my strongest suit. But the lovely part, the important part, the part frustratingly difficult to remember in the heat of it all — about transitions (like all liminal phases) is that they’re relatively brief, elsewise they wouldn’t be transitions.

So many have helped me and my family during this year. Moving into 2018 I don’t want to loose sight of that. I want to work to breathe into the uncertainty (as opposed to diving into it). I want to be available to be there for more folks, either through presence or compassion.

Happy new year y’all!