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Eyeballs and vampires and vim and 14px font

My vim set up as of 2018-01-23, featuring lisp koans

I’ve got pretty poor eyesight. This being the case, I often keep font sizes cranked up to at least 18px. Lately, though, I’ve needed to be able to see more of a file’s contents than my measly screen will accommodate, so I’ve been experimenting with how small I can keep my font and still see anything.

14px is the number I’ve settled on. This change, paired with my passionate romancing of all things Lisp lately, has lead me to re-enable syntax highlighting, as well. I’m not 100% certain why I disabled it…but I did (probably the fault of some blog post I read once upon a time). I actually re-enabled it a while ago, when I started my new job — I was embarrassed whenever someone else would look at my screen and not be able to find some variable I had a question about — but used a pretty minimal theme.

A couple of weeks ago I switched to the github theme…this morning, however. I decided to go all in and start using dracula everywhere — terminal, vim (I thought this list was going to be longer…but that is really it 🤷‍♂️). So far, I’m wicked pleased. I’ve worked with this setup all day, and felt good about what I can see without toooooo much squinty or ⌘+ing.

P.S. Shoutout to lisp koans featured in the screenshot