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A dear friend from way back when called this evening to tell me she’s pregnant. We’re the first two of our cohort to do the familial thing.

She asked for parenting advice. If I had any. I’m far from expert, being wicked new at this myself.

It is an interesting question: who do you turn to? Where do you get advice? Guidance? Mentorship?

Of course there is the tried and true primeval pack (family), but not always (maybe even rarely)…what then? It seems to me that raising a child is a fundamentally different sort of activity today then it was even 10 years ago, but, perhaps, I’m overweighting the generational millennial divide? I wasn’t doing this 10 years ago — what do I know? But I have a sneaking suspicion raising a child, children, is one of those things — it remains the same in its differentness. Always changing, growth, growing.

Maybe that is the advice I should have shared? Approach parenting like a child approaches a new playground.