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Some key quotes that really struck home from this excellent piece by Jared Sinclair on the importance of architecture, and having more time than you think/realize (in software development).

When facing an anxiety-provoking deadline for a software project, you have more time to plan your architecture than it may seem…

It’s worth noting the important difference between a sense of urgency and anxiety.

Facing a tall list of requirements and a fast-approaching, narrow delivery window, there is a temptation to bust out the keyboards and hammer out some code because how will we ever finish unless we can show immediate and significant progress oh god oh god.

…when there’s an aggressive and fixed delivery date, there’s no room in the process for such refinements. Each component has to be shippable in its first iteration, and it has to immediately lock into place alongside all the other components.

Under the pressure of a looming deadline, developers may spend an inadequate amount of time considering their architectural roadmap. At worst, this leads to a code base that fails to satisfy the launch-day product requirements on time.

…really I just want to repost the piece in full I’m so struck by it. I’ll stop here and just end with another link directly to it.