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In reply to: Power and Responsibility | Nicole Fenton

Over the last few days I’ve revisited a collection of blog posts, articles, and links that I tote around with me. Things I don’t want to loose track of. Pieces that I’ve read and re-read a number of times.

This essay by Nicole Fenton is most certainly one of those pieces.

Every kind of user information relates to privacy.

You never know where a trail leads. We are connected in unbelievable ways.

People have the right to know how information is used.

If you ask someone to share information about themselves, help them understand where it’s going and how it benefits other people.

Pain is hard to express.

Abusive situations and topics are extremely difficult to talk about, especially when they’re still happening. Simple words like no” and stop” aren’t always enough. Because my mom supported me with love and asked me open-ended questions, I eventually found a way to express myself and stop the abuse. When we talk about boundaries in our own lives, we help others find the courage and the words to do the same.

We have laws for a reason, but this stuff is complicated.

We build systems that talk to each other. We have to think about good and bad behaviors. We have to use our brains and our hearts. We should be sensitive to difficult situations in everything we make.