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In reply to: How do we restore trust in our democracies? Museums can be a starting point | World Economic Forum

Because of their reputation as even-handed providers of unbiased information, museums can be public forums for people of different backgrounds and beliefs not only to learn and discover, but also to meet, discuss difficult subjects and build community.

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Cultural institutions and museums create virtual and physical spaces to engage in conversation outside our own political, social and cultural circles. They are places where people of different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities can engage about topics that are often contentious or even taboo.

While I whole heartedly agree with most everything said in this piece, I feel it omits the fact that museums can also do the exact opposite. Double edged sword — just as museums and similar cultural organization can be a force positive change and growth, they can also re-author the past, and be tools for oppression…colonization. We must ensure that museums are forces of decolonization, rather than colonization.