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In reply to: How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) - Wait But Why

When scientists study people on their deathbed and how they feel about their lives, they usually find that many of them feel some serious regrets. I think a lot of those regrets stem from the fact that most of us aren’t really taught about path-making in our childhoods, and most of us also don’t get much better at path-making as adults, which leaves many people looking back on a life path that didn’t really make sense, given who they are and the world they lived in.

Wait but Why is one of my favorite blogs. This post really resonated with me, because I’ve been thinking through a lot of this sort of thing lately.

My major critique of the post, however, is that it is wicked focused on you, whomever you may be, as an autonomous, singular unit. Solo. The Yearning Octopus” doesn’t take into account the other creatures and tentacles in the mess. Sometimes other folks’ yernings need to be considered and prioritized over your own when making career choices. This isn’t a bad thing, just something that felt missing from the piece.