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Over the last few weeks I’ve been re-watching Babylon 5. I haven’t seen it since high school when I watched the entire series over the course of a summer after work with a buddy.

I’m reaching the end of season 2 now, and I’m struck by how the show has held up. The graphics and carpet-chewing are most certainly of an era, but the story, specifically the super-narrative that is slowly unwound over the course of many episodes and seasons strikes me as ahead of its time. The show is also dark. Dark is a really interesting way. Contemporary shows that are dark tend to be dark in a gritty, or brutal sense. Babylon 5 is dark in a…I don’t know…maybe dark in a philosophical sense? I think I’m hooked, though, and may work through the entire series.

Have you seen the show? What do you think or remember of it? Have you watched it recently?