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In reply to: Roll your own, then learn a framework | Fiona Voss

This is a pattern I’ve seen a lot in the context of learning to code, and I think it’s really effective: learn to do something from scratch first, then learn a popular library for doing the same thing. You will understand a problem much better if you try to solve it on your own first than you will if you are just handed a solution.

As someone who is more or less self-taught I often find that I start from the framework and then work to replicate on my own. I often times don’t have the know-how to start from scratch, but once I’ve fiddled with a framework for long enough I’m able to reverse engineer my way forward…that being said, as I’m learning LISP I’m trying not to let myself do this. Instead I’m trying to do what @fiona suggests: start from scratch then learn a framework.