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In reply to: 2018.08.20 -- Eli: PII Takedown Request

Thank you for your considered response. You have not offended, and I do understand the value of this gift. Thank you for it.

In response to your insights I will offer this:

I love insects. I think they are beautiful and complicated. This being said, I have no desire to collect their bodies and preserve them. I do not pin them to boards and view them out of context.

I try not to begrudge those who do, but it isn’t for me. The beauty of an insect is the individual in larger context, Ecosystem.

Noun or gerund. I hope for gerund.

Similarly, I believe an act of archiving can either be a force of integration or of separation. By drawing a circle around something do we merely call attention to it, or do we cut it out of its larger context?

Again, thank you for your considered response.