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In reply to: Loneliness in the Classroom

Ahoy Kicks!

When there are fights, when there is isolation, when there is success in friendship—those are the moments to lay the topic out together, so this becomes the meta-class of every day.

I wonder if the struggle…or reasoning…behind this move to bring social education’ more explicitly into the classroom is more about charting progress than about efficacy?

I agree with you about the classroom embodying social education’ (I admit, I used to run a summer camp, and thought of that as one great big effort it a) letting kids have as much fun as possible, b) providing a playground for social education), while I am also pleased to see it being talked about more openly, especially when social isolation and loneliness seem to be more and more pervasive.

Hard left: When I read this article originally I kept wanting to find a something or whatnot from Proust, but never took the time to dig one up from my notes. I think his fiction did a good job encapsulating social isolation and loneliness despite massive social connectivity.