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I received an email a few months ago that GoDaddy was in the midst of purchasing my current webhost, WebFaction. I have mixed to dubious feelings about GoDaddy, so I have slowly been choreographing and orchestrating a migration away from WebFaction to something else. The major focus of that move are the small number of client sites and services that I host, but this blog also needs to move.

Rather than move the blog as is to a new host, I’m thinking this is a fun opportunity to explore something different. Last night I signed up for

So far it is pretty awesome. Potentially a bit laggy, but that may all be in my head. In the coming weeks I’m going to explore it a bit more, and see if it is a viable alternative to what I currently use…the biggest hurdle isn’t technical, but emotional. Although my homespun CMS is wicked rough around the edges, it is one of the first working bits of code I ever wrote, in earnest, and I am rather fond of it — it also works exactly as I want, which is nice. It is cozy. I am interested to see if blot can feel cozy, too, though.

In other news, due to a bug on I’m currently unable to post directly to my timeline. I can only post replies for the time being.