A digital pillow fort

Today was relatively laid back at work so, I thought it would be interesting to spend the day in Acme, Plan9s text editor.

While I absolutely love emacs, I’m absolutely blown away by Acme. The interface is unlike anything else that I’ve ever used, but, at the same time, wicked quick to pick-up. There are a few niceties that other text editors offer that Acme doesn’t…but it is so easily extensible that I bet I could bake in what I want with an afternoon of fiddling.

I am excited to continue exploring Plan9 and Acme, and think I’m going to spend another day in it tomorrow!

Yo politician-types: move to higher ground” is not a valid way of addressing the climate crisis.

A very large beetle held gently between two fingers.

Big bug

In reply to: Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?

The key insight was to stop trying to build a mechanical carriage, and instead build something more like a mechanical horse.

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