A digital pillow fort

A screenshot of the Atari emulator Stella’s debugger.

I’ve been playing with a bit of 6502 and z80 assembly programming. I don’t plan to make anything substantial, but I’ve been learning a lot and having fun.

I love a system that I can hold in my head.

Can you spot the bug here? It took me ages to find, but there’s a classic here! Off by one! I needed to flip the decrement and setting bits of the loop so that it didn’t skip the last memory address while clearing memory.

A small bird sits among some buds on a spring branch.

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Ye Highlands and ye Lawlands, Oh where have you been? They have slain the Earl o’ Moray And layd him on the green.

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Airship Scheme is a new implementation of the Scheme programming language, implemented in Common Lisp and designed to run within a Common Lisp environment. The embedded nature of this architecture allows programs to run both Scheme and Common Lisp code in the same runtime.

A juvenile phoebe chills in the low grass.

Phoebe nervous

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I’ve day dreamed for a long time about an entire OS like this β€” at every level a game or puzzle of some sort.

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