A digital pillow fort

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A very cool little tool to make mind maps in the browser! Wicked calm. Very elegant. Do recommend.

A kitten looks directly at the camera, mouth open. Striking blue wise wide...attempting to suck the soul from your body!

Fearsome roar or giant yawn?

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This post describes an interesting approach to using git commit history and metadata to help guide code maintenance. Essentially, when you look at statistics on commits to see which files get updated at the same time, you can begin to get a sense for the logical coupling of the different parts of an application.

I think there is something to be inferred from this with regards to the ability to weaponize/exploit this metadata from git, too…but I’m still noodling on the exact details.

Kitten on a bookshelf. Behind the cat is a small bouquet of sunflowers.

🌻 🐈 πŸ“š

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