A digital pillow fort

A heavily dithered image of a young child wearing a arm hat looking under a log.

Heavily dithered screenshot of a zoom call with many participants, each seated at a table.

Scenes from a Zoom seder.

A mother and child sit together at a table with a computer in front of them sharing a meal.

Scenes from a Zoom seder.

In lieu of a more in-depth update from this self isolation here are things I’ve learned about making faux tortillas and flat breads:

  • The thinner the better
  • Hot pan is good. Dry pan even better
  • If needs be, oil the uncooked tortilla instead of the pan
  • Many many many recipes call for baking soda — I have no clue why. Almost none of those same recipes call for any acid. Without an acid to activate and/or neutralize the baking soda the tinny, acrid taste hangs around. No bueno. To counter act this I’ve tried adding a wee bit of lemon juice, but best I’ve found is to completely forego the ingredient altogether
  • I’ve been kneading mine by hand for 4 minutes, dividing into golf ball sized parcels, allowing to rest for a few minutes, and then rolling flat with a big old (like 100+ years old) rolling pin

The rolling pin I use is supposedly one of the only things my great grandmother’s family brought with them from Europe when they fled to America.

Dark yellow, maybe umber colored lichen on a stick.

Lichen. The right yellow.

Close up shot of the floof at the end of a large plant.

A young boy runs along a grassy path. His mid step, both feet off the ground — appears to levitate.


Would you like to watch me hoard articles about covid-19 and panic in real-time?

I’ve got an rss feed for you!

A child stands on a rock by the sea. Teal slip on shoes in frame.

Everything feels little. Lichen on rocks by the sea.

Behind every flailing Magikarp is a mighty, terrifying Gyarados.

In reply to: Cambridge University Press | Textbooks

Cambridge University Press is making higher education textbooks in HTML format free to access online during the coronavirus outbreak.

Social distancing

Generally speaking I’m pretty anti-social and work from home, so the bulk of my normal IRL social contact comes from pre-k drop-off and pickup, the occasional errand, and trips to the gym. I guess I’m going truly digital native and all in on the family-man thing.

Now that school are closed for at least 2 weeks, this weekend was a dry-run for the days to come:

Beside sneaking some work in whenever possible, I started a new project, ran around in the woods (far from other people) and caught a bunch of Pokemon in Pokemon Go with the kiddo, watched Frozen 2 (3 times!?), read many children’s books, listened to, or overheard many children’s podcasts, cleaned and cooked…a lot.

Covid-cooking so far:

  • Vegan waffles
  • Flat bread and red curry
  • Vegan chocolate chip cookies
  • Miso soup
  • Dozens of bowls of oatmeal (we really like oatmeal)
  • 1 other meal that I’ve completely forgotten

Wash your hands and take care of each other!

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