A digital pillow fort

A black and white dog sits on a couch, hugging a stuffed sheep, looking nervously off screen.

Hiding from the cat.

Picture of a Siamese cat kitten on a bed. It has very blue eyes.


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Some interesting insights on the architecture of Raspberry Pi. Namely that Linux runs on top of another, closed source, operating system called ThreadX on Raspberry Pi. ThreadX was recently purchased by Microsoft.

By no means a deal breaker, for me, but a nice insight into the architectural interconnectedness of modern computing and how inescapable some giants are.

When designing developer tools, does one have to choose between making programming easier for programmers vs.ย making programming more accessible and inclusive to a larger group of folks?

Whenever I work with React I feel like it is an example of a tool that makes programming easier for programmers (read as โ€œengineersโ€ perhaps?).

If this is true, what then are the consequences of the ClojureScript community so fully embracing the way React does its thing? Is is alienating folks, or is it making react more approachable?

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Why I have a problem with React the library and spend a lot of time talking to my therapist

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Your email might also be a mole. Anytime you receive a receipt in Gmail, Google adds to it to a purchases database. Google says it doesnโ€™t use the contents of Gmail to target ads, but that leaves open other uses.

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Edwood has reached the useful milestone (v0.1) and should serve as drop-in replacement for Plan9 Port Acme. (But probably with different bugs.)

I look at the state of politics and what weโ€™ve done to our planet and I am utterly paralyzed and terrified. I want to spring to action, but what can one person do?

I look to my son and wonder how different his life will look from mine — having grown up in the 90s and 00s.

What is the John Green quote about love: slowly, then all at once?

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