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Star Wars, and a year in review

I tried to write a year in review kinda post, but it got wicked melodramatic pretty fast. This year has been a slog…it really fucking sucked.

Rather than reflect on it further, I thought I’d write about something vapid that I’ve been thinking a bit about lately instead: Star Wars.

Despite my best efforts, I’ve always loved Star Wars. As a child I spent hundreds of hours pouring over novels, and comics, and books of schematics. Star Wars was nearly always on my mind. The Star Wars that I fell in love with was pre-Diseny. The Disney stuff is fun, but, I think it is missing a key element that Lucas’ Star Wars always had in spades — blank space.

Lucas’ Star Wars is so full of blank spaces that a whole universe was able to grow into the gaps. The more that Lucas added to Star Wars, the more blank space there was. This is in juxtaposition to Disney’s Star Wars where the goal seems to be to fill every available blank space possible with moar content!

This last year has felt something similar — whereas in the before times I felt like there were blank spaces in my life to grow into, now I feel they are growing smaller and smaller. That possibilities are shrinking.