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December adventure

Screenshot of the Acme text editor. The editor window has 2 panes, one with some code written in lil, the other with the output of that code. The output is a number of ascii art tables of data.

Over the past couple years I’ve done the advent of code to varying degrees. I thought I was going to do it again this year but decided to try something different. I’ve been calling what came together a December Adventure.”

It isn’t anything fancy; throughout December I aim to write a little bit of code everyday. So far I’ve written a bit of apl, bash, elisp, explored a bunch of flavors of scheme, and started to (but not yet finished) write applications in racket and lil.

A few other folks have joined in — to make it a bit of a community event some of us started to log our adventures and post about them…but there aren’t really any rules. One of the reasons I didn’t want to do the advent of code again was that it was feeling really competitive. A couple years ago it felt fun, playful, but these days it seems pretty corporate and less about exploring or learning anything new and more about being the quickest, something that I think is sort of endemic across the industry: quick is more important than curiosity.

I’ve been enjoying it, and it has been fun to keep up with everyone else’s December adventures.