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In reply to: The Whippet 137: Please don’t make me fight a fire ant

It’s named after Texan exterminator Tom Rasberry, but you can call it a Raspberry Crazy Ant if you want and no one will notice I bet.

The Raspberry Crazy Ant, for some reason, loves electronics, so it will come and chew through wires and get electrocuted. When an ant dies, it releases an alarm pheromone which makes other ants rush to the scene of the crime,* which in turn causes more to be electrocuted, and if enough of them gather then it can short out electrical systems.

This is not why they’re called crazy ants’ by the way — that’s because they move in a darting, erratic way. But if the tiny shoe fits.

Young child in a red shirt watching ants, while their long hair touches the ground.

Watching ants/collecting ants in hair.