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Digital baggage. Do you have any digital artifacts that haunt you?

The web is weird. The content alive on it is ephemeral, yet pervasive. At the same time content online is delicate (see Geocities or any similar now dead and gone service), it is ever present. Anyone who types my name into a search engine is almost certain to come across my frenetic TedX presentation of yore. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is weird.

That talk isn’t me, nor really a good example of my work, but there it is. Very certainly linked to me. It isn’t merely something written. It is me. Saying things, jumping around a well lit stage. Terrified. Excited. But it is also only a little moment in the grand scheme of things. A little moment blown potentially out of proportion.

The web is good at magnifying, and falsely preserving. Maybe falsely” is wrong—“dispassionately,” perhaps?