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A dithered image of a cat sleeping on a window seat. The window is surrounded by fairy lights, and a felt, dinosaur mobile hangs next to the window. It’s snowing outside. The cat appears peaceful, but in reality is an asshole whom I love dearly.

Snorlax leaning into the whole vibe of her namesake.

A large orange cat basks in the sunlight next to a red door.

Break thrones. Build tables.

A black and red cat with pointy ears sat in half of a cardboard egg.

Cat in a cardboard egg

A cat and a dog snuggling under a desk. Terrible wire management.

Gotta do something about those wires.

A cat in a basket. Highly staged photo.

Paint me like…”

A kitten looks directly at the camera, mouth open. Striking blue wise wide...attempting to suck the soul from your body!

Fearsome roar or giant yawn?

Kitten on a bookshelf. Behind the cat is a small bouquet of sunflowers.

🌻 🐈 📚

A snoozing kitten on top of a couch.

Fearsome beast, snoozing.