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Dithered image of a large cat with tufted ears sitting inside of and partially on top of a wooden play house. The cat is looking directing at the viewer and appears to be angry, angry at you, the universe, and all things in between. The cat is not happy. Behind the cat is a wall covered in Charlie Harper bird decals.

I am Batman.”

Dithered image of a large cat with tufted ears sitting in a laundry basket. The basket has colorful play silks woven into it. The cat has a vacant, empty expression on its face. It’s 11 neurons are all firing, desperately trying to keep up with the pace of life.

I’m on a boat.”

A dithered image of a cat sleeping on a window seat. The window is surrounded by fairy lights, and a felt, dinosaur mobile hangs next to the window. It’s snowing outside. The cat appears peaceful, but in reality is an asshole whom I love dearly.

Snorlax leaning into the whole vibe of her namesake.

A large orange cat basks in the sunlight next to a red door.

Break thrones. Build tables.

A large cat lying on the sill of an open window.

A black and red cat with pointy ears sat in half of a cardboard egg.

Cat in a cardboard egg

Cat and a dog snuggled on a couch. Spooning.

cat, dog

A cat and a dog snuggling under a desk. Terrible wire management.

Gotta do something about those wires.

A cat in a basket. Highly staged photo.

Paint me like…”

A kitten looks directly at the camera, mouth open. Striking blue wise wide...attempting to suck the soul from your body!

Fearsome roar or giant yawn?

Kitten on a bookshelf. Behind the cat is a small bouquet of sunflowers.

🌻 🐈 📚

A snoozing kitten on top of a couch.

Fearsome beast, snoozing.

Picture of a Siamese cat kitten on a bed. It has very blue eyes.